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Tandra Page 1673, Slave State

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Now wearing the silly virtue signaling face diaper is not submission enough for our ruling elite. Neither is submitting to house arrest without due process. Nor is being told we are not allowed to go to church, but also told we can join mobs and burn down cities with the blessing of our Ruling Class. And even, we are told, some of us are ordered to wear face diapers while the privileged are not. Ordinary Americans must wear the face diapers to prevent the spread of the Fauxci Virus while the political class are allowed to walk free because the virus does not infect them. The Fauxci Virus also infects or does not depending upon skin colour. We are told to protect ourselves and others unless we are engaged in a specified activity of which the ruling class approves.

But now it turns out that all this is not enough. Truth be known, it never is. Our rulers, in their infinite wisdom, continue to move the goal posts. What was acceptable yesterday is not submissive enough today. Today there is another hoop Americans must jump through, another hurdle we must navigate.

Once you bend the knee, the ruling class will never again allow you to stand!

Now Little Anthony Fauxci has come up with another requirement demanded of submissive Americans, those of us willing to give up our liberties and our Constitutionally guaranteed rights at the first demand of the totalitarian power obsessed who now rule us. Little Anthony Fauxci has decided the face diaper is not near enough. Now we must all wear eye coverings along with the face diapers!

If this keeps up, and it will, you can never compromise your life enough to satisfy the dictators who rule us, Americans will soon be required to wear full dress haz mat coverings from head to toe if you dare set foot outside your door. And, following fast upon the heels of that demand, you will be required to have a signed permit with you that any designated bureaucrat can demand at any time.

Remember the nation that once was? Remember when Americans said; “It’s a free country?” You don’t hear that any longer because our freedom has been stolen from us and not a shot was fired! Our liberty was not simply stolen; Americans submitted to tyranny willingly, begged to have the slave chains bound about our necks.

Remember the America that was once. You shall not see it’s like again!

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