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Tandra Page 1675, New Venezuela

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

The National Socialist Democrat Workers Party appears determined to fundamentally transform New York City into Venezuela. I know several people who live and work there. They tell me the place that was once one of the great cities on this Earth now looks like a Third World Hell Hole!

President Donald J. Trump made news when he packed up and left New York City for Florida. What is not making news is that everyone else who has the means is getting the hell out of New York City as fast as they can make arrangements. Governor Andrew Cuomo, in partnership with Mayor Red Bill de Blasio, has combined to make New York City un-livable. Movies, theatres, restaurants and anything else that once made New York City worth putting up with the filth and crime to live there have long been shut down. The filth and crime have remained along with the high taxes.

Why the hell would anyone put up with that to live in New York?

The Fauxci Virus was made claim to have hit New York especially hard. Mebbe and mebbe not. We know the official tally was the highest in the nation, but we also know the city administration has been fudging the numbers because the city received bonus dollars for every Fauxci Virus Patient. When bribes are being offered to inflate the numbers, there are going to be medical staff and bureaucrats who will grab the free money.

We know from eye witness accounts that patients were deliberately infected with the Fauxci Virus in both Nursing Homes and in Hospitals. New York Health Care was below Third World Levels.

We also know the Communist Administration (Let us not mince words here; we know what they are because they admit it.) has no problem with the wholesale slaughter of humans. Governor Cuomo’s staff famously cheered when he signed into law a bill to facilitate the slaughter of babies. These people are vicious and evil and their intention is to make of New York City a place that will make the worst cities on the planet appear a paradise by comparison. Judging by their track record to date, they are right on schedule to accomplish their objective.

The West Coast has expressed their intention to secede from the Union after the election. I dunno how New York plans to join with the West Coast Communist Dystopia. I am certain Governor Cuomo and Red Bill have some plan and I am also certain New York City will deteriorate into a pest hole of homeless gutter trash and the most corrupt of the very rich, at least that is the plan. I am also certain the plan will not work. Plans concocted by Communist regimes never do work as advertised.

It is indeed sad to observe a once great city reduced to a garbage heap.

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