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Tandra Page 1680, Accommodations With Evil

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Never make accommodations with evil. Evil always demands payment and the invoice always arrives at the most inopportune time and in an amount more than you can afford.

Put another way; Once you bend the knee, they will never again allow you to stand.

Or; If you start running from adversity, you can never stop.

And, as Stephane (Charb) Charbonnier said, “I’d rather die standing than live on my knees!”

I could go on, but I believe the most appropriate example of failed courage is found in the Bible in Numbers chapter thirteen wherein Moses sent twelve spies, one from each tribe if Israel, to gather information about the land the Lord God had promised to the Israelites. Two came back with a favourable report making claim, “With our God’s help, we can take the land promised to us!” But the other ten returned to proclaim; “The risks are too great, there are giants in the land and some of us may die if we go against such a terrible enemy!” Then they went to hide under their beds and forty years passed before the Israelites found courage to go in and take the land that God had promised them a generation previous.

I went to church yesterday, which was Sunday, and I arrived to find that services had been cancelled because someone in the area had been reported to have come down with a case of the Fauxci Virus. Of the some hundred and fifty, give or take, who normally show up for morning service, there were a grand total of four in attendance.

These four do not include the dozen, more or less (I did not do a head count), church staff who showed up to hold a Facebook service. The Facebook broadcast was in place of, or supplement to, the in house service. Now this strikes me as sorta odd, something akin to the same absurdity that has been the hallmark of the whole Fauxci charade. This special and unique (and traumatizingly deadly virus) is extremely selective as to whom it infects. The Fauxci Virus infects churches, but does not infect Wal-mart shoppers. This virus infects, by decree of the mayor, ordinary citizens who reside in the Beltway, but does not infect politicians and bureaucrats. In Portland, the Fauxci Virus infects Americans of pale skin, but passes over those with darker skin, again by official decree of the mayor. Governor Half-Whit (as she is affectionately known in Michigan) has declared the Fauxci Virus to be a dangerous health hazard requiring shut down of small business and churches, but not abortion slaughterhouses and not riots by Anti-God Communist Mobs. Governor Half-Whit is so confident that the Fauxci Virus is not a clear and present danger to the God Hating Communist Terrorists in her state that she ventures forth to march with them in lock step, and without wearing her face diaper! The Fauxci Virus is deadly in hair salons but, as recorded on camera, is not a danger to House Speaker Botox Nancy Pelosi.

And, strangely enough, the deadly Fauxci Virus is dangerous enough to require cancellation of services at my church yesterday, but not dangerous enough to prevent some dozen potentially infected persons, including the pastor, from gathering together and mingling, touching each other, exchanging infected air and performing for a Facebook show with not a face diaper in sight. How did these select church members (I suppose including me because I was in attendance) manage an immunity from the worst pandemic to infect the world since the Black Plague? How did a universally deadly virus come about that specifically selects its victims for the purpose of advancing the Deep State New World Order Agenda?

Just askin’.

Obviously there are two Americas; The America of Nancy Pelosi, Little Anthony Fauxci (who financed development of the Virus by way of 7.6 million dollars, some report the amount is considerably larger) and the Elite Ruling Class who are immune from Doctor Fauxci’s virus and there is the America of the Little People who are demanded to “shelter in place”, to practice “socialized distancing”, to wear a face diaper and to hide under our beds.

This is the same playbook as the Global Warming Charade where Americans are demanded to submit to the Ruling Elite else we are all gonna be par-broiled in the street while the Ruling Elite purchase multi-million dollar beach front mansions on property they tell us will be under water within six years. The mantra among Global Warming skeptics is that they will consider Global Warming a serious issue when the Ruling Class decides to stop riding their high carbon footprint private jets, begins turning off the high carbon footprint lights in their high dollar mansions and begins to conduct themselves in manner that indicates they themselves believe the propaganda spewing from their mouths.

In similar manner, if my pastor truly believes the Fauxci Virus is the worst health threat the world has faced through the history of all humanity, he would not have been in church Sunday performing for Facebook and yukking it up with church staff. If my pastor actually believed the public relations propaganda about the terrible Fauxci Virus he would have been home yesterday hiding under his bed while wearing his face diaper!

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