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Tandra Page 1680, Shutting Down NYC

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

New York City Mayor Red Bill de Blasio has announced cancellation of the traditional annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. Red Bill makes claim he is making the cancellation because of concerns over the Fauxci Virus. Red Bill lies! The reason Red Bill is shutting down the parade is because showing the parade nationwide would display to the world the destruction Red Bill has allowed, and encouraged, in the city where the voters chose Red Bill as their mayor.

Rather than have the traditional blocks long parade with floats and dancers, Red Bill has proposed the fundamental transformation of 34th Street directly in front of the Macy’s New York Store into a small scale television studio, where the giant balloons traditionally managed by New Yorkers holding onto anchor ropes will be replaced with automobiles having the anchor ropes attached and drivers, one to an automobile or truck (socialized distancing, doncha know, as mandated by an out of the closet socialist mayor). The marchers and bands in the one block scaled down production will all be required to wear face diapers and maintain socialized distancing.

There will be no smiles visible in the scaled back one block production because no one can see if someone smiles behind a face diaper. The only smile will come from New York Mayor Red Bill de Blasio smirking as regards the fundamental transformation he has brought to re-create what was once the greatest city on Earth into a Third World Dystopian Communist Hell Hole.

By limiting the scaled back production to a one block area, New York City Mayor Red Bill de Blasio can hope to hide the horrific damage to New York City that has fundamentally transformed the city in appearance like unto a bombed out war zone. A one block length of 34th Street can hopefully be fixed up and maintained for the duration of the television production.

New York Mayor Red Bill de Blasio insists his one block television production complete with face diaper participants complying with socialized distancing and not a smile in sight is gonna be just totally awesome. Really?!

We all remember the last “just totally awesome” television production put out by the Commie Demon Rat Party, do we not? It was the oh so amazing Commie Demon Rat Party National Convention, an amateur production so totally awesome that insomniacs tuned in so as to be able to drift off to sleep. Pretty much everyone else turned channels to pass time with something more exciting, such as watching grass grow or watching paint dry. Yes, the Commie Demon Rat Party Convention was truly that bad!

So, if you are an insomniac in need of something to bring on sleep, you should record New York Mayor Red Bill de Blasio’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Production so as to play the thing at night if you are having trouble drifting off to sleep or, as an alternate purpose, to inspire you to thank the Dear Lord you do not live in Red Bill de Blasio’s New York City.

That is something for which all of us who live outside New York City can be most thankful for on Thanksgiving Day!

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