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Tandra Page 1684, The Biden Crime Family

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Former Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama has repeatedly made claim that his was a scandal free administration. The Beltway Messiah is essentially correct to the degree that Obama Administration Scandals went mostly unreported or if you are the sort of person who believes sending plane loads of cash to this country’s worst enemies in the dead of night, abandoning Americans in Benghazi to be slaughtered and then lying about it, selling guns across the border to criminal gangs in an attempt to create an environment for the repeal of the Second Amendment, trafficking in children for exploitation in the underground sex trade, selling this nation’s assets to countries that hate us, harbouring a Secretary of State who made sweetheart deals with foreign regimes to enrich her own foundation, having a Vice-President who used his position to pour foreign money to his own family...the list continues pretty much without end; if you are the sort of person who is convinced those acts of corruption and out right criminal activity are in no wise scandals, then you could possibly agree that the Administration of Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama was indeed scandal free.

And perchance Hidin’ Joe Biden and his family are the sort of people who do believe that elective office in this country is nothing more than the unrestricted opportunity to use position to siphon off as much money as possible into your own personal bank account and into the accounts of your family. It is pretty much evident on the face of it that Hidin’ Joe Biden does believe it is a legitimate act for a politician to grab as much money for himself as possible while in office. Why, according to Hidin’ Joe Biden, enriching yourself and your family is primarily what public office is all about. Why else go into politics?

Indeed, Hidin’ Joe was so confident that his corruption was to never be questioned that he openly bragged about it on recorded tape. You’ve all heard the recording of Hidin’ Joe’s voice bragging how he forced the removal of a prosecutor looking into Biden Junior’s shady foreign business dealings in the Ukraine. If you’ve not heard, copies of the tape are readily available from numerous sources of Quid Pro Joe bragging about his corrupt deals.

I expect it is possible to give evidence that Hidin’ Joe Biden never actually broke any laws while he strong armed foreign officials to pour money into his family’s bank accounts. You see, at least at the time of this writing, Quid Pro Joe has not been found to have accepted corrupt funds into his own pockets. That is explicitly illegal! What Quid Pro Joe Biden did was have millions of dollars paid to his family, specifically to his son Hunter, who then turned the money, or a percentage thereof, over to dear old dad. In some circles that is called money laundering.

Except that recently E-mails have come to light that give evidence Hunter Biden was handing over funds from foreign regimes directly to his father. The Biden Campaign has, to date, refused to make comment and the tech giants are enthusiastically attempting to bury the story. Tech giants are in the tank for Quid Pro Joe and will do whatever it takes to get him and Camel Toe Harris into the Oval Office.

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