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Tandra Page 1684, Messiah To The Rescue

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Last I heard, and this was several days back, it was made claim that President Donald J. Trump had pulled in over a quarter million Americans to his campaign rallies. Hidin’ Joe Biden, by contrast has pulled in a grand total of eighty seven for all his rallies combined. Get that? The total number is a numeral eight beside a seven. The number is from Hidin’ Joe Biden’s very first campaign rally for President up until the most recent to date. It’s not likely this number is far off the mark. It’s fairly easy to count accurately up to eighty-seven, even if you are using “new math” and applying use of fingers and toes.

At a recent Hidin’ Joe Biden campaign rally, a reporter showed up and exclaimed, “There’s nothing going on here!” A few Trump supporters showed up shouting “Four More Years!” resulting with the most excitement for a Hidin’ Biden Rally within memory.

Somebody has decided that Hidin’ Biden really needs someone at his rallies so he will have an audience while he stumbles through his tele-prompter message. Of consequence, some genius in the Biden Campaign came up with a brilliant idea. These, ya gotta remember, are the Smartest People In The Room! So one of these Smart People decided it is a good idea, a stroke of genius typical of the Smartest People In The Room, to call on Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama to come campaign for Basement Joe. That sounds like a plan. Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama has been known to draw a crowd.

But there’s a problem.

Pretty much every candidate Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama has ever campaigned for has lost in the election. Even the guys who were way ahead in the polls have tanked after Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama came to campaign for them. It has gotten so bad that Commie Demon Rat candidates started begging that the Beltway Messiah stay as far away from them as possible.

But someone in the Basement Joe Biden camp thinks calling up Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama to come make a stump speech for Hidin’ Biden is a great idea, mebbe great for helping Basement Joe get steam-rollered by President Donald J. Trump next month.

Sounds like a plan, Joe. Bring on the first clean and articulate Black Man you have ever seen to campaign for you so as to remind voters why they put President Donald J. Trump into the Oval Office four years past.

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