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Tandra Page 1684, Debate Farce

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

It is announced there will be another “debate” between President Donald J. Trump and whoever the Commie Demon Rats pick for “moderator” while Basement Joe Biden looks on with interest and confusion. Did you see the first “debate” a week or two back? I did not. I was watching my new Blu-ray Disc copy of “Gone With The Wind”. I always enjoy watching “Gone With The Wind” and the new Blu-ray Disc lived up to expectations. I also did not watch the Vice-president kabuki theatre presentation. I don’t remember what I was doing on that particular night because I did not pay attention enough to know when the farce was to be broadcast, so that bit of political theatre passed un-noticed.

True to form, I will not waste my time sitting in front of a screen to watch the final “debate”.

Now all that indifference does not mean I am unaware of how these political theatre shows play out. The news media is super-saturated with news concerning the political presentations all day, next day. In which case, I learn all I need to know about these political show pieces without the need of enduring the Chinese water torture of actually sitting through them. The same holds true for the up-coming “debate”. I won’t mind finding a more constructive and exciting way of passing my time such as, in example, watching paint dry.

In any event, I have been making up my mind about President Donald J. Trump for over four years (including time he was Candidate Donald J. Trump) and I do not need staged political theatre to assist with solidifying my opinion. I’ll be voting Trump come election day.

Another reason for going to bed early and not wasting my time with the most recent display of political theatre is the topics just announced for the event. According to CNN they are; “Fighting Covid-19 (The China Friendly name for the Virus developed by Little Anthony Fauxci), American Families (something of which Hidin’ Biden has limited knowledge and experience), Race In America (There is only one race, the human race.), Climate Change (otherwise known as weather), National Security (which the Commie Demon Rat party understands as submission to China) and Leadership (for which we have a 47 year track record of Quid Pro Joe selling out this nation and its people for the purpose of enriching himself as testament to Biden’s priorities). Which means I know about Quid Pro Joe all I need to know. Why waste my time watching a bargain basement Commie Demon Rat being propped up and manipulated by his handlers? Observing paint as it dries is more intellectually stimulating.

Off the table for the “debate” are such hardball questions as “What about the New York Post story of criminal corruption in the Biden family?”, “How involved is the Biden Crime Family in child sex trafficking?”, “Are you still a member in good standing with the Ku Klux Klan”?, “Would you remind us again, Candidate Biden, which political office it is you are campaigning for?”, “Candidate Biden, can you tell us in which location this event is being held?” and, finally, one last question for Quid Pro Joe Biden; “Of the three women standing to your left, can you identify the woman that is your wife? You have two guesses in which to pick the correct choice.”

Those all appear to me reasonable topics for the final kabuki theatre “debate”. Donuts to donut holes they will not be asked

Why waste time watching kabuki theatre “debates” that avoid the critical issues of our day?

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