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Tandra Page 1689, Safe Spaces

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Mister Johnson came by last evening about seven-thirty on his way home from mid-week church service. I heard him coming down my drive with Second, Mister Johnson’s mule, pulling that old wagon Mister Johnson rides around in. Mister Johnson is the only man I know who uses his mule for transportation. I asked him once why he prefers to use his mule for moving around. Mister Johnson responded you don’t need to purchase gasoline to keep a mule running. But, I continued, a mule does not go very fast, and Miter Johnson replied; “At my age, I ain’t in that much of a hurry.”

I flipped on my outside light and opened the front door as Mister Johnson was hitching Second to one of my low hanging Oak limbs. Mister Johnson calls his mule “Second” cos it is the second mule Mister Johnson has ever owned.

Mister Johnson came inside and shucked off his coat. I took it and hung it on the coat rack beside the door as Mister Johnson dropped into his favourite chair beside the fire place. It has turned off chilly the last several days, but it is not yet cool enough for a fire. I went to fix Mister Johnson a cup of hot tea as he leaned back in the chair and stretched out his feet.

Mister Johnson had, as I said, been to the mid-week service at his church. He was appalled, but not much shocked, by the attitude of indifference he found among members of the church. With all that is happening in this nation, the people at church appear to believe it will not affect them. They seem content that life will go on in their small community, protected from events in the world around them. If you inquire of them they come out with the old and threadbare platitude; “We have read the bible and we know how the story ends.”

Which may be true, but we do not know the progression of events leading up to “the end”.

Christians appear to believe that God will protect them from harm. There were six million Jews in Nazi Germany who believed that God would protect them. God has this nasty habit of doing very little to advance the cause of people who are too lazy or indifferent to get up off their back sides and do something for themselves. Mister Johnson observes that God did nothing to take down Goliath until David picked the smooth stones from out of the brook. The pastor at the church made proclamation they should “pray for the country”, which is all well and good, but what exactly the preacher was advising they pray for remains unclear.

Is the preacher praying for a return to the status quo or is he praying for a Third Great Awakening. Do Christians content themselves that a Harris/Biden Administration will let the church hide under the radar of a fundamentally transforming Communist Regime. Evidence on the ground in California, New York and other centers of depravity indicate otherwise.

If the people of the church are content to allow evil to rule this nation, they will deserve what happens when government thugs come to pad lock the church doors.

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