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Tandra Page 1689, Dominion

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

As I mentioned several days back, things are getting interestinger and interestinger.

Dominion, as has been noted on several occasions, is a system that is designed for the specific purpose of swinging elections in favour of a designated party and specified candidate. It first gained fame in Venezuela where Dominion was employed to put totalitarian thug Hugo Chavez into power. People have often asked; how could the people in Venezuela have voted for national suicide by voting for Hugo Chavez?

The short answer is; they did not. Hugo Chavez was put into power by morally challenged computer hacks. You know the sort I mean; a gang of “The Smartest People In The Room”. The idea is to have Dominion call the election by a small margin, votes enough to give the election to the designated politician but not by votes in numbers to raise suspicion. This tally of votes is not a bug in the program, it is a feature.

Dominion has, for years, kept the corrupt Venezuela regime in power. The people of Venezuela keep voting national suicide, not because they are incurably stupid, but because the computer system that counts the votes is designed toward that end.

As Josef Stalin is reported to have said, “It is not how people vote that matters. What matters is who counts the votes!”

And we see that played out in real time today before our eyes. We also see who is in bed with those who count the votes, and it is not a pretty sight. People who had made pretense of being on the side of our republic are having their true colours exposed. Can you say “Tucker Carlson”?

Not only has Dominion been used to keep a corrupt regime in power in Venezuela; not only has Dominion been used by the Commie Demon Rats to alter election outcomes in various races in this country; not only has Dominion been used to give Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama a second term in the oval Office (This according to China Joe Biden himself); not only has Dominion been used to make China Joe “President-Pretend” in the 2020 Election; but Dominion has been used to install corrupt heads of state in nations cross the globe. It appears that in most every nation world wide there are wanna be rulers willing and eager to buy the services of Dominion.

In the end, can we ever know how many corrupt thugs are in positions of power world-wide because of Dominion?

But there is a flaw in the system. Dominion is designed to give clients victory in small numbers, so as not to draw suspicion to a suspicious system. President Donald J. Trump had an electoral victory in the millions, a number so high that Dominion crashed. Which is why the system must needs have been shut down on the night of November Third and is why it was necessary to manufacture by hand the number of fraudulent votes necessary to bring the Commie Demon Rats to fraudulent victory.

Trump voters were cautioned ahead of November 3 to vote in such massive numbers that election fraud by the Commie Demon Rats became impossible, and they did.

Which is why Dominion crashed and the Commie Demon Rats got caught.

The consequence of being caught will not only affect the Presidential Election in this country, it will call into question the offices of world leaders across the globe. Things could get very “interestinger” indeed.

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