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Tandra Page 1697, Suicidal

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

I have mentioned on numerous occasions that I subscribe to the “Times of Israel”. I receive the free digital version in my E-mailbox and it arrives each day along with “breaking headline” supplements several times daily. I have this subscription, again as previously mentioned, because I wish to have news from Israel that is un-filtered by the American media.

As best I can determine, the “Times of Israel” is pretty much akin to “The New York Times” insofar as the editorial slant is concerned. The difference is that the “Times of Israel” reflected, while he was in office, great admiration and support for US President Donald J. Trump. This admiration came as no surprise as President Donald Trump has been a great friend to Israel, probably a greater friend than any President who has ever sat in the Oval Office. Certainly he has been a greater friend than was Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama, who hates Israel with a purple passion.

That said, it is interesting the news that is now coming from Israel.

I see the “Times of Israel” has observed the calls from the Beltway Swamp for our President to immediately exit the White House and remove himself from office and the “Times of Israel” has published, in consequence, articles demanding President Trump forthwith resign as the American Deep State is demanding. The “Times of Israel” is also embracing with love the promised Harris/Biden Regime, a regime that will be a third term of Former-Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama and includes an open hostility to Israel, along with a cozy alliance with Iran, a regime that has sworn to destroy Israel.

So, at the flip of a switch, the “Times of Israel” has spit into the face of Israel’s greatest friend in the Oval Office to embrace a promised incoming outlaw administration that is allied with a regime committed to wiping Israel from the map. This is, on the face of it, openly suicidal!

One can make the case that the Israeli Administration is only looking to the future and deciding to bend the knee to an incoming hostile administration in hopes of minimizing the damage. I expect that is true to a degree. But it also demonstrates that, in politics, there are only fair weather friends. When the going gets tough, you stand alone.

But it also proves that, in politics, if you want a true friend you should buy a dog!

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