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Tandra Page 1697, Public Barred

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Mayor Muriel Bowser of Washington DC has announced she has ordered 15,000 National Guard Troops to protect the mentally deficient derelict and Chinese Puppet Beijing Joe Biden from the American People come January 20. The Right Honourable Mayor of the Beltway Cesspool has further declared that Americans should stay away from Washington DC as the Chinese Tool Americans did not elect is sworn into the office the Deep State stole.

This Inauguration is to be a private affair, open only to those actively engaged in open treason and to the Black Shirt mobs that are the military shock troops of this new outlaw regime.

This is proof positive that the Washington Regime has totally and completely divorced itself from the American People they have falsely made claim to serve for many years, made claim in what has become more and more meaningless rhetoric in recent times while our Ruling Class has put less and less effort into maintaining the absurd Kabuki Theatre.

As I have said often enough, quoting George Carlin; “The politicians in Washington do not work for you. They own you! They all belong to an exclusive club and you ain’t in it!”

Our Ruling Class has ceased with any pretense that they represent the American People. The mask is off and they no longer waste any effort to gaslight us. They are more and more akin to the corrupt royalty before the French Revolution when the French People were demonstrating outside the Royal Palace and Queen Marie Antoinette looked out her window and asked, “Why are the people rioting?” to which her maid replied, “The people have no bread.” and Marie Antionette responded, “Then let them eat cake!”

That was pretty much the attitude of our Beltway Rulers on Wednesday last when the American People descended upon the Beltway to protest an obviously stolen election and Beltway bureaucrats and officials looked out their windows at the American People and snickered, making jokes and taking pictures as the Americans walked past. In the words of Little Doctor Anthony Fauxci, “Americans should shut up, go to the back of the bus and do as they are told!”

And while the Ruling Class is in a hysterical frenzy over the Americans that who came to the Beltway Wednesday Last to exercise their Constitutional Rights, Rights guaranteed by our Constitution, the contract between our government and the American People, there was a riot in New York City last weekend by the Democrat Shock Troops and not a word of condemnation from the Ruling Elite. When a woman was assaulted by the rioters and she complained to the cops, she was told to stay six feet away and the cops did nothing, took no action against the Democrat Shock Troops who had assaulted her. No wonder the new regime is taking all precautions to assure the installment of their usurper derelict lackey on January 20 is an exclusive private affair with Americans instructed not to attend!

I wonder if Chinese Communist Party Chairman Xi Jinping has been sent an engraved invitation to attend the swearing in of his derelict, mentally challenged puppet come January 20. Just askin’.

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