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Tandra Page 1697, Pack The Court

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

One of the major threats from the incoming Usurper Regime was they would “pack the Supreme Court” with judges that would rubber stamp Liberal Regressives’ every wish to fundamentally transform this nation into a Third World Banana Republic. In effect; the Supreme Court would become, with the placing of several anti-American judges on the bench, the reliably confirmed short cut legislative branch of the government doing the bidding of Liberal Regressives. It is always more efficient to use the courts to push forward an anti-American agenda than to bother pushing a long wish list through the legislature where the process can possibly become messy if some maverick law maker, for whatever reason, decides to toss a monkey wrench into the procedure. Better to have the corrupt courts manufacture law on the fly.

It appears the Twenty-First Century Congress is not so much a problem for Liberal Regressives as it was once thought Legislators might be. As it happens, Congress has demonstrated the “people’s representatives” can push through legislation to control and disenfranchised Americans overnight when the desire is in place. Congress no longer reads the mega-billion dollar spending bills they routinely pass in the dark of night. In consequence, a “packed court” is no longer as essential for the Liberal Regressive Agenda as was once thought.

Which does not, of necessity, mean Liberal Regressives will abandon “packing the courts” with their compliant lap dogs. It remains easier to convince a dozen plus judges to comply with an agenda than to plod through a Congress made up of hundreds of “representatives” of the people, each eager to stuff his own pockets from the Federal Trough.

But, and as the Supreme Court has reliably demonstrated, it is not necessary to “pack the court” to get a reliable rubber stamp Supreme Court. The nine Judges have demonstrated over the past two months that they can be depended upon to comply with the Liberal Regressive Agenda right down to the last comma and period. On cases submitted to the Court as regards election fraud, cases in which the Justices are required by the Constitution to hear, reliably Constitutionalists (Judges appointed by President Donald J. Trump and fought for in confirmation by Americans) refused even to look at the cases. The cases they have grudgingly consented to hear are delayed to come before the Bench until sometime after Hell freezes over. So much for appointing “Constitutional Judges”.

Which all goes to show this nation was stolen from the American people by stealth and fraud long ago. Liberal Regressives simply awaited until the November Election last year to step forward with an in-your-face declaration that they are indeed our masters and we are their slaves and;”What are you gonna do about it?!”

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