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Tandra Page 1703, We Did It!

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

No one likes a turncoat. Traitors are universally despised. Even an enemy that utilizes the Benedict Arnolds of this world for purpose will cast them aside immediately their usefulness comes to end for one simple reason; a betrayer of his own people can never be trusted again by anyone ever.

Faux News led the charge to install the China Derelict into the Oval Office by refusing to call President Trump’s victories on Election Night in states he won and proclaiming victory for the China Derelict in states that had not enough votes counted to secure victory for the Usurper. Kathryn Murdoch, a sworn enemy of President Donald J. Trump and of the American People, proudly declared before the world on November 8, “We did it!” Meaning she and her cronies had stolen the election for the China Derelict.

Kathryn Murdoch was beside herself with glee and was basking in the glory of her own importance.

Less than four months after the fact and after Faux News led the charge to take out President Donald J. Trump and to push the Liberal Regressive Agenda, Liberal Regressives are calling for Faux News to be de-platformed, to be removed from cable news outlets and to be transported onto outer darkness to never be heard from again!

No one likes a turncoat! No one trusts a traitor!

To be sure, Faux News was never a patriotic American news outlet. Faux News, so it was reported, had a full contingent of Liberal Regressive Talking Heads, but Faux News also provided a platform for news anchors and opinion spokespersons that Americans loved. Which is not to say Faux News was all that good; Faux was just less bad than were all other cable news organizations.

However, after November 3rd, Faux News lost a huge portion of the outlet’s customer base. The Faux News audience decided there was no reason to continue supporting a cable news outlet that had become nothing more than CNN/MSNBC Lite. After Kathryn Murdoch proudly proclaimed “We did it!”, Faux News was left only with the Liberal Regressive customer base the company had been courting for a number of years, and now Liberal Regressives are calling for Faux News to be cast off and Faux News has no loyal American base to defend them in a time of crisis.

Faux News proclaimed “We did it!” and betrayed the only customer base that matters, the only people who might have rallied to their cause. Faux News has come a cropper and reaped the whirlwind Faux News deserves. Will Faux News ultimately survive? At this point, no one knows and, to be truthful, no one actually cares.

No one likes a turncoat and no one stands forth to defend a traitor.

No one!

“They’ll know where to find me,” -Rick Blaine, “Casablanca”

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