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Tandra Page 1719, Secular Humanism

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

I am in the process of watching the entire “Star Trek” Franchise up through about 2005 when the Star Trek Series “Enterprise” ran out of steam. I know there have been new “Star Trek” releases since then, including movies and television presentations, but I have not much interest in them. I am not overly eager to watch Captain Kirk and Spock lip-lock. I don’t wish to observe such antics in real life and I’m certainly not going to pay to see that sort of thing on screen.

As I type this, I have come to the final episode of “The Next Generation” which, I understand from the back-up material, is the grand finale of the television series and the lead-in to the series of “Next Generation” movies. I don’t have plans, at present, for digging into the “Next Generation” movies. I have seen several of the Kirk/Spock “Star Trek” movies and they are a mixed bag. Mebbe the “Next Generation” movies fare better, but I’m not certain I have the interest to find out. Contrary to the insistence on the back-up material on the DVD that the final “Next Generation” television send off was the greatest thing since sliced bread, I failed to be much impressed. The idea that Captain Picard saves all of creation by jumping around in time is less than convincing. Even suspension of disbelief does not cut it.

I have seen the following “Deep Space Nine” Trek series, and enjoyed it rather enough. I plan to watch the whole thing over next as I have made a commitment to watch everything “Star Trek” (at least insofar as television is concerned) all the way through. “Deep Space Nine” was enjoyable enough I can endure it for a second setting.

Full disclosure; my project of watching the whole of television “Star Trek” does not include the animation series. I am not so into self punishment as to force myself to endure that!

Which brings me to the Gene Roddenberry religion; Secular Humanism. This ideology of man as god was touched on in the original series DVD set, but the “Next Generation” set absolutely wallows in Secular Humanism. I have some idea of the theology of Secular Humanism, that mankind is an accident of universal evolution and that we will continue to improve ourselves until we reach god-like perfection sometime in the distant future. It’s Genesis 3:5 all over again!

Look, there are numerous sins with which the serpent might successfully tempt me. Being as God is not one of them!

For a series that sets Secular Humanism as the gold standard and rejects any concept of God, the “Next Generation” Enterprise crew found themselves meeting gods all over the place. In the final two part episode, Captain Picard even came to be a god, saving and arranging to create the universe! And this is Secular Humanism?!! This is not dis-belief in God; this is re-creating man as God! As Christians call it, this is worshipping the creation rather than the Creator. This is not a rejection of God; this is man pretending to be God.

And if “The Next Generation” is a projection of the Secular Humanism Universe, I want no part of it. Throughout the seven season run the “Next Generation” crew were always running up against alternate realities, situations in which irrational fantasy was the rule of order and the Enterprise crew could not determine what was and what was not. The “Next Generation” Universe is a play-dough reality in which the rules of nature can be turned topsy-turvy at a whim.

One of the most famous “Star Trek” episodes is “The City On The Edge Of Forever” wherein Kirk and Spock go back in time to find Joan Collins who is destined to persuade the United States to stay out of World War II and thus to allow Hitler to win. If this happens, Kirk and Spock have no future to which they can return. They allow Joan Collins to die and everything is all hunky-dory.

Now this makes a nice indulgence in speculative fiction, but it is the age old question; if you could, would you go back in time to kill Adolf Hitler as a baby to prevent the horrors of World War II. The answer provided by “The City On The Edge Of Forever” appears to be yes. And this is the Secular Humanism view of the universe?!! After all, Gene Roddenberry was producing a television show in which Secular Humanism was the guiding moral imperative. He said as much several times out loud and in public.

If it’s good and proper to kill baby Adolf Hitler to prevent bad things, how many others should be murdered to prevent bad things. How many bad things, just as in example, might be prevented if Kirk and Spock were executed? Following this moral directive, how many people should you herd into box cars, transport into concentration camps and march into gas chambers to prevent bad things from happening.

It is not a great leap from killing baby Hitler to prevent bad things to repeating the Nazi Holocaust in pursuit of the same objective. And this is Gene Roddenberry’s great Secular Humanism that he preached with the “Star Trek” franchise through out his life and which continues today long after Gene Roddenberry is safely dead and buried?

If you, along with Gene Roddenberry, believe humanity is evolving toward some sort of Secular Humanism Utopia in the distant future, I have some upscale beach front property in West Tennessee to sell you!

“In the fight for Liberty, you will find the most intense opposition coming at you from slaves who are comfortable in their chains!”

“They’ll know where to find me,” -Rick Blaine, “Casablanca”

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