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Tandra Page 1719, CDC Lies

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

“I am shocked...Shocked, I tell you, to discover the CDC lied!”

The above is a variation on one of the most quoted lines in movie history. And why should we be shocked or surprised or astonished or even bother to take notice that this regime lies to us...habitually? To say the regime lies is akin to saying the sun arose in the East this morning. We all know the regime lies, we expect it. Late breaking headline news is the rare occasion when the regime does not lie.

Most of us knew a year and a half back the panic-demic was a lie. We knew there was no panic-demic in fact, that the regime was required to re-define pandemic to be able to label the virus a “pandemic”. There were voices of reason that raised issue with the fear driven panic initiated and promoted by the regime, but Big Tech and Big Pharma stood to make millions of dollars from a gullible public and the voices of reason were shut down or locked out or cancelled.

Now, finally, with the first wave of hysteria subsiding and people who were stampeded into being jabbed with an untested genetic therapy solution about which no one had a remote idea about the probable long term side effects (We knew Bill Gates promised the jab would reduce world population by ten to fifteen percent.), we are beginning to see the adverse side effects in numbers too dramatic to ignore or to cover up! The UK is concerned if commercial pilots who have had the jab should be allowed to fly. It could be embarrassing if a pilot drops dead during take-off!

It also comes to light the books at the CDC are being cooked. People who come down with the virus after having been jabbed are not being reported. If you get sick from the virus after having been jabbed and you are not reported, did you really get sick? The CDC says mebbe not.

This rushed through and untested jab is just now beginning to reveal the consequences of having something injected into your body because Big Pharma stands to make a boat load of money from an untested jab. We can expect more evidence to come and it will probably not be good.

“In the fight for Liberty, you will find the most intense opposition coming at you from slaves who are comfortable in their chains!”

“They’ll know where to find me,” -Rick Blaine, “Casablanca”

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