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Tandra Page 1732, September 12, 2021

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This observation is titled; INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER

If you are reading this Tandra Notes, you are reading it from the Tandra Site in the “What’s New” Section. I am not sending this edition out to subscribers today, Sunday, September 12, because of Internet Service Issues with my ISP. You can read the whole sorry tale by checking my daily “What’s New” postings which I kept as a journal on a daily basis as this affair was developing and saved to my hard drive with the deliberate intent to post on site whenever connection to the Internet was re-established.

In consequence, there is no reason for going into long detail here as those of you curious insofar as incompetence and lies are concerned can read the on-going account in “What’s New” beginning with the post dated for Wednesday, September 8, 2021, and following.

This recent update for the Internet Service Provider is of news from yesterday and forward;

I was walking out my drive to return to the Shoppe and to continue work on the Tandra Page in progress and I saw my cousin and his dog checking the mail in his front yard, so I wandered over. When he told me about some new item available on the Internet, I responded that My ISP has gone belly up with no indication as to when service may be restored, if ever. My ISP makes claim he hopes to get back on line this coming week, “hopes” being defined as “ain’t never gonna happen”.

I then inquired of my cousin’s ISP and he is using the services of a relative who lives just North of me, less than a tenth of a mile. I call him my Yankee Relative. I walk past his house pretty much every day en route and back to my production shoppe. I have known about the tower in his back yard since it was installed several years back but, not being overly tech savvy, I was not aware the tower is an Internet Relay tower. It seems my cousin with the tower is providing service to a wide and growing assortment of customers here about.

So, since I was going in that direction as a matter of routine, I stopped by and knocked on his front door. I asked about Internet service from his tower and he gave me some basic information. I do not require an abundance of bells and whistles, but I require dependable service. My cousin promised he can supply that.

I believe we have a deal.

The set-up folks are supposed to come and fix me up on Tuesday next. We shall see how this works out, but I have conditional expectations I shall have a new (more reliable) ISP this coming week and that new content will begin to appear on this site forthwith. Then, if you wish, you can check back on the daily record of this annoying episode with the late posted “What’s New” Observations written as they were happening.

Expect a new “Tandra Notes” E-mail September 19, 2021.

“I’m in this fight to win, not to claim the moral high ground!” -Tremaine, Tandra Page 1708

“If you are taking your healthcare advice from a pagan baby butcher, you need to examine your moral values. A man who will slaughter children is a degenerate who will embrace the lowest form of depravity and the worst obscenity from the pit of Hell.” -Lady Liberty

“The Beltway Administration insists that Americans gathering in the Capitol on January 6 to demand free and honest elections was the greatest existential threat to the government since Mister Lincoln’s War. That tells you everything you need to know about this regime. The Department of Justice has declared the highest priority of this Administration is to seek out and punish Americans who demand an honest and open government. That tells you everything you need to know about this Department of “Justice”. The Pentagon has declared the primary mission of the American Military is to promote racial hatred, to control the weather and to fundamentally transform failed men into play-pretend fake women. That tells you everything you need to know about the present day American Military.” -American Observer

“When objective reality is denied, subjective reality is determined by the brute with the biggest club and the most aggressive gang.” -American Patriot

“They’ll know where to find me,” -Rick Blaine, “Casablanca”

Next Week; While Lord Kilthane passes time in the company of the woman sworn to destroy him, his daughter Tempest has birthed a plan to enslave the people of Tandra to the emperor’s will forever! Don’t fail to read Tandra Page 1717. Check in beginning Monday, September 13, 2021. Experience the continuing story updated every day at


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