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Tandra Page 1732, Back On Line

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

If you are reading this Observation on Monday, September 13, 2021, you realize We are back on line. I am not going to rehash the events of the previous week. For those of you interested in the gory details, you can go to the “What’s New” Section and read the Observations I wrote last week, beginning with the Observation for Wednesday 8, 2021. I wrote these comments as they occurred aware at the time I would not be able to post them until AVS Internet, my Internet Service Provider, had his problems solved and I was again able to get Internet connection.

My ISP phoned me at four-thirty on Sunday Afternoon and informed me the device that collects the signal from the tower and directs it to my computer was updated and ready for me to drive to his store and pick up, which I promptly did. I was, of course, scheduled to attend evening worship at church at five thirty, so I dropped the device at my shoppe, then drove to church.

After service I returned to my shoppe and connected the device and I was able to access to the Internet as before.

I was up this morning and sorting through a week’s backlogue of E-mail comments.

My next task is to finish this Observation, after which I will post the archived Observations for the days when we were down and then this particular contribution. That will put us up to date with the “What’s New?” Posts. I also have Tandra Page 1716 saved to my Hard Drive since a week ago. That page must needs be posted and I have the completely drawn, but not yet coloured Tandra Page 1717 to finish colouring and post. That will likely happen on Tuesday.

Which means I have a lot of work to catch up and I don’t have the time to wax eloquent in this Observation.

New comments on Tuesday as to what has been happening in our world in the past seven days.

“In the fight for Liberty, you will find the most intense opposition coming at you from slaves who are comfortable in their chains!”

“They’ll know where to find me,” -Rick Blaine, “Casablanca”

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