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Tandra Page 1735, What I Learned From Pogo

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

You can discover interesting information from reading old comics tales. It occasionally gives you a new perspective on the lies we Americans are being fed today.

I remember “The John Birch Society” from the Fifties, sort of. As I recollect, “The John Birch Society” was a fringe organization of Right Wing Radicals who opposed the policies of Liberal Regressives. I have no idea if “The John Birch Society” still exists today. I’ve not heard the group mentioned in ages. Then again, I don’t travel in circles wherein the people I know are likely to be concerned with “John Birch Society” types one way or another. “The John Birch Society” is a topic not likely to come up in polite conversation among the people I know. Sort of like “The Ku Klux Klan”, in today’s world “John Birchers” exist only in the fevered imaginations of terminally paranoid Liberal Regressives.

I have mentioned previously in these Observations that I have a series of books collecting the complete run of the newspaper syndicated comical strip “Pogo”. I read “Pogo” more or less regularly when it appeared in my local newspaper. I thought the feature was middling funny. At the time I never paid attention to creator Walt Kelly’s Liberal Regressive political bias. Actually, I don’t think I noticed.

The book collection makes absolutely certain I have Walt Kelly’s political tilt shoved into my face and the collection suffers for it. Walt Kelly is whimsical and amusing when he avoids his political proselytizing. When he engages in political advocacy, not so much.

In the Early Sixties, Walt Kelly was overly-infatuated with then President John F. Kennedy and with his “beautiful” gold digger type fashion plate wife. About that time Kelly introduced in “Pogo” a subversive organization he labeled “The Jack Acid Society”. This was a paranoid collection of Kelly’s more repulsive swamp creatures. The commentary notes in the back of the book makes it clear “The Jack Acid Society” is a stand-in for “The John Birch Society”. The commentary lists among the priorities of “The John Birch Society” was a campaign to remove this country from membership in the United Nations on the grounds that the United Nations was an advocate for One World Government that would rule the planet with a Communist Iron Fist! The commentary makes it plain that a One World Government ruled by the United Nations is an absurd and laughable idea with no connection to reality. Based upon evidence at hand, “John Birchers” were demonstrably radical disconnected mentally challenged rubes, not fit for polite society for entertaining such nonsense.

Half a century later, it is no secret the United Nations is all about One World Government. Agents of the United Nations make no effort at denial. They are out there in public before God and everybody openly bragging about their proposed One World Government Agenda. No less than Republican President George H. W. Bush openly proclaimed the United Nations is best positioned to rule the New World Order and, of course, the Bush Clan is in best position to rule the United Nations.

The whole of the corrupt Beltway has indeed embraced the paranoia of “The John Birch Society” with the difference our ruling class is all on board with submission to a One World Government ruled from the United Nations. Rather than hostility to a One World Government as were the “John Birchers”, Liberal Regressives are convinced the One World Government is an idea whose time is upon us!

Odd how that comes about. “The John Birch Society” was just a bit ahead of its time in seeing how world events were playing out.

Amazing the things you discover from reading old comic strips.

“In the fight for Liberty, you will find the most intense opposition coming at you from slaves who are comfortable in their chains!”

“They’ll know where to find me,” -Rick Blaine, “Casablanca”

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