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Tandra Page 1736, October 10, 2021

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This observation is titled; THE PROMISE TO EVE

Never under-estimate the obscene depravity in which the Ruling Class will engage for the purpose of achieving total and absolute arbitrary and capricious control over the people.

“You can fool all the people some of the time and you can fool some of the people all the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.” Honest Abe Lincoln is credited with saying that. Perchance Little Doctor Anthony Faux-ci should have read Honest Abe Lincoln’s admonition before he engaged in the virus scam. On the face of it, the Virus narrative made no sense from the first dire predictions that it would cause the end of Western Civilization as we know it. A lot of us, probably most of us, recognized the Faux-ci Virus as nothing more than the common seasonal flu. It did not help that the Ruling Class used terror from this virus to shut down the country and to cause misery and suffering among the American People. As with all tyrants, the Liberal Regressives immediately over played their hand. The Elite were careful to plaster the slave snoots onto their faces when engaging in Kabuki Theatre while posing before the television cameras. When the cameras went dark, the Ruling Class forgot the supposed existential dangers represented by the Virus and went about partying and socializing as they had previous to the great Virus Panic. Their excuse was they were more enlightened and the Faux-ci Virus would not infect them because they were so fashionably woke. What do ya know; a smart and selective virus that infects based upon political persuasion.

Then more information became available as Americans were pressured and shamed to accept an injection that was demonstrated to be a dangerous poison. Even so Bill Gates himself revealed the true purpose of the injection when he proclaimed in public and repeatedly the ultimate purpose of the injection is to reduce the population by fifty million. The obvious truth of that revelation has been confirmed as Americans observe friends and family who have been pressured to accept the Jab contracting life threatening disease and critical life altering injury from the Jab. The Oval Office Derelict makes threat the Jab is “safe and effective” and his patience is “wearing thin” with Americans who refuse the Jab, but we see with our own eyes the adverse effects of this State mandated poison.

It does not help the regime’s case that videos are public domain that show Little Doctor Anthony Faux-ci and his Big Pharma Cronies discussing procedure for gain of function that will make the Virus more contagious and how a more contagious virus can be used to advantage for the end game of pouring billions of dollars in profit to Big Pharma and to the Beltway bureaucrats Big Pharma Executives own lock, stock and barrel. It has become apparent to everyone the Faux-ci Virus is not, and never was, about health. The Virus is, and always was, about profit for Big Pharma, lots of profit numbering in the Billions and Trillions of dollars.

As I talk with people around me, I discover that more and more of them are coming to distrust the contrived information coming from this fraudulent regime these days as concerns the Faux-ci Virus. Not only has Little Doctor Anthony Faux-ci destroyed whatever trust most Americans placed in him. The American medical community that complied willingly, even eagerly, with the fraudulent narrative and the result of a massive in-flow of Beltway cash, has seen whatever trust Americans placed in their doctors dry up like morning dew in the hot August sun. “I will never again trust another doctor,” is a common sentiment from Americans across the fruited plains!

Making matters worse for this corrupt outlaw regime, revelation has surfaced that the Ruling Class has engineered the Jab for the purpose of modifying behavior in injection recipients. The Ruling Class has visions of an injection that can persuade over weight people to desire healthier food types, can persuade racists to love all mankind, can persuade Republicans to vote Democrat, can persuade the populace to comply with the arbitrary and capricious demands of the Ruling Class without resistance, to become a slave class that will never resist the directives issued by their totalitarian masters!

If this all sounds to you like an over the top sci-fi Ruling Class wet dream, it matters not. The Ruling Class believes such power truly their birthright. They believe all they need do is inject potential slaves across the globe with a sufficient number of “booster” shots.

The Ruling Class is convinced their Brave New World is within their grasp if only they can develop the proper program of “booster” shots and inject the sufficient number of potential slaves with the required poison. The lie that seduced Eve, the promise to rule as a god, lies beckoning to the Ruling Class and they believe the fulfillment of that promise is theirs by right. All they need do is reach out and take it!

“I’m in this fight to win, not to claim the moral high ground!” -Tremaine, Tandra Page 1708

“If you are taking your healthcare advice from a pagan baby butcher, you need to examine your moral values. A man who will slaughter children is a degenerate who will embrace the lowest form of depravity and the worst obscenities from the pit of Hell.” -Lady Liberty

“The Beltway Administration insists that Americans gathering in the Capitol on January 6 to demand free and honest elections was the greatest existential threat to the government since Mister Lincoln’s War. That tells you everything you need to know about this corrupt regime. The Department of Justice has declared the highest priority of this Administration is to seek out and punish Americans who demand an honest and open government. That tells you everything you need to know about this depraved Department of “Justice”. The Pentagon has declared the primary mission of the American Military is to promote racial hatred, to control the weather and to fundamentally transform failed men into play-pretend fake women. That tells you everything you need to know about the present day ineffectual American Military.” -American Observer

“When objective reality is denied, subjective reality is determined by the brute with the biggest club and the most aggressive gang.” -American Patriot

“They’ll know where to find me,” -Rick Blaine, “Casablanca”

Next Week; Dragonrok face-to-face with Lord Kilthane on his wedding night! Don’t fail to read Tandra Page 1720. Check in beginning Monday, October 4, 2021. Experience the continuing story updated every day at


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