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Tandra Page 1737, October 17, 2021

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This observation is titled; CORN-HOLE BUDDIES

I have a challenge for you; look at the above foto identified to be of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigeig playing house with his corn-hole buddy Chasten Glezman without experiencing an overpowering urge to “toss your cookies”. Information readily available on the Internet makes claim Chasten Glezman is the “husband” of this play pretend duo. The two of them were supposedly wed at the Cathedral of Saint James in downtown South Bend, so it says here.

The tag line beneath the above photograph where I located it without much effort by searching the Internet read; “Look, two fags playing house!”

The first impression I had from this photograph, apparently taken with full approval of the new “parents” by way of adoption, was that “husband” Chasten Glezman was corn holed in more ways than one. Newly minted “wife” Former Mayor Pete Buttigeig has got to be the most unappealing bride on record. When I look at him, and I have had the misfortune to observe his countenance several times over the past few days as Former Mayor Pete Buttigeig has been in the news over recent times for shirking his job. As the Derelict’s Transportation Secretary, one would think Former Mayor Pete Buttigeig would be needed on line during the Supply Chain Breakdown this nation has experienced recently.

One might think, but one would be wrong. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigeig has recently been on vacation while supply lines are backed up and store shelves are laid bare. Word is that Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigeig is taking, for the past couple of months, “Maternity Leave” as he and his “husband”while away their time playing house with dolls, and meantime posing for photographs doing same.

At least I hope those are dolls the happy couple are cuddling while exchanging sappy looks for the camera. Yes, I know I am intolerant. I am certainly intolerant where the care and well-being of children are concerned. I understand I am out of step with the modern woke culture wherein children are assigned the same status as plastic dolls. I consider it sub-human and a crime against humanity that living children are treated as no more than props for degenerate mentally twisted over aged adolescents.

What sort of life can children expect under the care and authority of two mental incompetents who are so flawed they cannot even decide which is the proper rest room for them to use?

I know, I should expect nothing less from a society that has arbitrarily slaughtered over seventy million children as consequence they are found guilty of the crime of being in the way, of being a road bump on mother’s super highway to a life of un-ending and perpetual party time.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigeig has been criticized for taking vacation while the country is in crisis. I am not sure I agree with the criticism. My gut impression is this country is probably better off if Transportation Secretary Corn-Hole Pete decides to make his vacation permanent. Our experience to date with this fraudulent regime is Americans would best be served to advantage if the whole of this fraudulent regime took extended vacation and neglected ever to return.

Personally, I find it insulting the Beltway Cabal has accused Americans of voting this Derelict into office. Americans may have our faults, but we are not brain dead enough to vote this small time grifter Derelict into the Oval Office and to insist we did in the 2020 Election is an insult for which there can be no forgiveness...not ever!

Glancing at the above photo, I cannot believe two grown men would ever allow themselves to be photographed in such circumstances, not even mentally damaged over age adolescents as these two appear to be. Sadly, the above is not an anomaly. These two are rather standard issue behavior for this incompetent regime.

I can see Chinese Communist Party Chairman Xi Jin-ping taking a look at the photograph of question and understanding there will be no road bumps ahead in the campaign to make Chinese the dominant culture in this world going forward. As Chinese Communist Party Chairman Xi Jin-Ping looks into the distance he observes green lights into the future forever.

The world belongs to the Chinese Communist Party for the taking, like unto ripe fruit on low branches!

“I’m in this fight to win, not to claim the moral high ground!” -Tremaine, Tandra Page 1708

“If you are taking your healthcare advice from a pagan baby butcher, you need to re-examine your moral values. A man who will slaughter children is a degenerate who will embrace the lowest form of depravity and the worst obscenities from the pit of Hell.” -Lady Liberty

“The Beltway Administration insists that Americans gathering in the Capitol on January 6 to demand free and honest elections was the greatest existential threat to the government since Mister Lincoln’s War. That tells you everything you need to know about this corrupt regime. The Department of Justice has declared the highest priority of this Administration is to seek out and punish Americans who demand an honest and open government. That tells you everything you need to know about this depraved Department of “Justice”. The Pentagon has declared the primary mission of the American Military is to promote racial hatred, to control the weather and to fundamentally transform failed men into play-pretend fake women. That tells you everything you need to know about the present day ineffectual American Military.” -American Observer

“When objective reality is denied, subjective reality is determined by the brute with the biggest club and the most aggressive gang.” -American Patriot

“They’ll know where to find me,” -Rick Blaine, “Casablanca”

Next Week; Tremaine in prison! Don’t fail to read Tandra Page 1721. Check in beginning Monday, October 18, 2021. Experience the continuing story updated every day at


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