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Tandra Page 1739, Sad Little Grinch

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

I thought first of giving as title to this Observation “How The Faux-ci Stole Christmas!” in reference to the famous Dr. Seuss Children’s book, but that was a larger word count than I normally prefer as a title for these Observations.

I have noticed several sites across the Internet wherein an image of the Dr. Seuss created Grinch that “stole” Christmas has been altered to look like unto little Doctor Tony Faux-ci. This comes after Doctor Faux-ci took it upon himself to decide if Americans would be allowed to have Christmas this year. Little Doctor Tony Faux-ci continues to insist we “listen to the science”, which is absurd on the face of it. Science tells us nothing. Science is a procedure for evaluating information. But absurd Little Tony Faux-ci insists he speaks for “science”. Rather than listening to the evidence of science, we should listen to Little Tony Faux-ci who makes claim to speak for”science”. It is of interest that the “science” Little Tony Faux-ci claims to speak for always comes down on the side of the “science that conforms to Little Tony Faux-ci’s ideological preferences and conveniences. Something like unto the observation Muhammad’s favourite child bride made about Muhammad as to how Muhammad’s commands always happened to conform to the lusts and the desires of Muhammad When, as example, Muhammad wanted to drag the local hot under-age sex kitten into his bed Allah was Johnny-on-the-spot to proclaim it was good and proper to pull his chosen trollop into his bed. Similar to Muhammad,Little Tony Faux-ci unalterably discovers the “science” always issues directives that increase Little Tony Faux-ci’s acquiring of power and grabbing of more loot. So it happens the “science” always comes to support Little Tony Faux-ci’s agenda and ambitions, interesting how that works.

With Little Tony Faux-ci having established himself as the supreme god of the Beltway, Little Tony Faux-ci is sitting on his throne as god of the political world. Everyone worships Little Tony Faux-ci as the all-powerful god he proclaims himself to be. Even with al this power, Little Tony Faux-ci is a sad little man. A man secure in his power does not pass his leisure hours torturing puppies. Little Tony Faux-ci reveals himself as a miserable little “Grinch”.

If I appear down on Little Tony Faux-ci, that is because I am. I do not feel affection for baby butchers nor for monsters who torture puppies for no other reason but that they have the power to do so. In that context, I was in Bible Study at church this past Sunday when I suggested we pray for depraved Little Tony Faux-ci. I factually believe it is the best thing that could happen when Little Tony Faux-ci comes a cropper. Often, when a man drunk with his own power falls flat of his face, the only direction remaining for him to look is up. If Little Tony Faux-ci finds himself in prison, which is a fate for Little Tony Faux-ci I have heard recommended. If Little Tony Faux-ci finds himself behind bars, it’ s possible he could come to Jesus there. That would indeed be a happy fate for Little Tony Faux-ci who gets his jollies from torturing puppies and butchering babies. I would hope for such a fate for Little Tony Faux-ci. Then possibly this sad little Grinch could turn his life around and find peace and contentment with the Lord Jesus Christ

Such a fate for Little Tony Faux-ci should certainly be hoped for!

“They’ll know where to find me,” -Rick Blaine, “Casablanca”

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