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Tandra Page 1739, Blood Money

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Mebbe you’ve heard the sound clip; A woman from, so it was explained by the News caster who had the clip played on his broadcast, he maintained she was a California resident along about the time the clip was broadcast, the California woman was gushing about the California mandate that children five years of age through eleven are to be injected with the dangerous and unapproved Virus treatment concoction. The woman admitted it is dangerous and irresponsible to give massive injections of an experimental compound that has been shown to be dangerous and life threatening.

But she went on to make claim, as do FDA officials; “We are never going to learn how safe and effective the injections are unless we start giving them!” So this woman is all in as to using five to eleven year olds as lab rats. She continued she hopes your children do not die from the injection, but she believes it is worth a few deaths to find a safe and reliable injection.

Understand this has got nothing to do with “The Virus”, and it never really has. This is all about Big Bucks for Big Pharma! It is reported that Pfizer sent notice to company stockholders they can expect thirty-six billion in company profits next year. If you wonder why the Derelict acts as though his primary function is to ct as pitchman for Big Pharma. Why would that shock you? It is common knowledge that Big Pharma owns the Beltway. I have made mention previously of an experience I had at a Comics Show wherein a budding politician came to my table and offered himself for sale. This aspiring politician identified as a Republican, and he was obviously for sale, as though he wore a “"For Sale" sign on his chest. There was nothing unique about this clown. He was your common garden variety politician, just starting out on his particular path of graft and corruption. In essence he was no different from any other established Beltway politician! His sale price was a little less as he was new to the game.

Beltway Politicians have been owned by Big Pharma forever. It was this Virus Crisis that allowed them to recruit Beltway Politicians as their personal sales force. Big Pharma cares not how many people die from their hazardous injections. All they care about is their “Blood Money” and using a campaign of terror to bring in the Big Bucks. Donald J. Trump was correct when he said the Ruling class has been too long using the government to enrich themselves at the expense of every day Americans. President Trump set about attempting to change that, which is why the Swamp hates him with a purple passion. President Trump set about cutting off the cash flow to corrupt politicians. Why would they not hate him?

I’ve no idea what ever happened to the politician mentioned above. He is probably even now walking around the Beltway Cesspool wearing a “Sold!” sign on his back and with his hand out awaiting the next deposit of cash. That’s how Beltway politicians act. That’s what they do, it’s who they are!

“They’ll know where to find me,” -Rick Blaine, “Casablanca”

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