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Beset With Confusion


Created on 04/17/2014
by Hanther

Explain to the great unwashed here, and your other readers if you care to, what "freedoms" I/we have lost with the ACA that were not already in the hands of the government. All laws passed by the Federal Congress and signed by the President hold sway over all the citizens of the U.S. Insurance mandates are already in effect for operating a motor vehicle among many other things. My income is already taxed, and I actually find it more abhorrent that the bulk of it goes to fund our obscenely oversized military/defense establishment rather than the other social services.It imposes no limit on which doctor you can see, the PRIVATE insurance policies do that and have done so for most of my adult life. I can still see any doctor I want as long as I am willing to pay for it, or barter chickens as seems to be the other options bandied about. As far as I can tell from my personal insurance in other areas all insurance policies have terms and conditions that have to be followed for the policy to be in effect. So I have just looked and looked and just cannot find ONE freedom that I have lost, that was not already lost, due to the ACA.

So far there are only a couple of sound arguments against it that I have found; one is my brother's who because one doctor he liked choose to retire claiming the "paperwork" of the ACA, he therefore begrudges the MILLIONS of his fellow citizens who now have insurance coverage because of it. Boy, you can't argue with that.

And of course the other good argument is that because only some of the uninsured now have insurance, and all of them don't those MILLIONS who do don't count. Can't argue with that either. Of course this problem can be changed by a single payer system, but that I assume is a different story...

Dave in Denver

I could not have said it better myself. Many thanks for an enlightening presentation of the Collectivist Agenda. Have a great day,