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Created on 05/30/2013
by Hanther

"Back when I joined the Boy Scouts, each Scout received a free subscription to Boys Life magazine. (Actually, it wasn't free. Cost of the subscription was included in the Scout Membership Fee.) I hear that has changed. In keeping with the new policy announced by the Scout administration this week, now every active Scout will receive a year supply of Preparation H."

-Above is the joke that was posted in the "What's New" commentary. The joke inspired the following E-mail


Whats new? Not much. For someone who inks with such a fine brush you sure paint your social issues with a broad one. Which book are we going to take snippets out of to paint homosexuals with? One of William Burroughs I hope. Queer would be a very good choice seemingly, and its much better reading than anything Rand even dreamed about.

Of course no heterosexual white southern male has ever sexually molested a pre-teen girl, oh wait they have, then what book will we paint all white southern males with, this time I hope Harper Lee's. But wait, white southern males are members of your tribe, so you will treat them as individuals and the actions of a deviant few do not reflect upon the tribe (or yourself) as a whole. Not like those “others” who are not members of your tribe and must be condemned in mass. I feel like I've fallen into a scene from Five Million Years to Earth here.

It seems when you lift up the skirts of Tandra you find the harsh, hot visage of Yahweh looking back at you.

P.S. Did you see where the Pope almost decided that atheists were not doomed to eternal hell and could be saved, but then the Vatican thought better of it?

-Jack in Chicago

Glad you liked my joke,