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Moral Dilemma


Created on 05/07/2013
by Hanther

"The first step in combating evil is recognizing evil and in letting the Beltway Regime understand you know the difference of right from wrong and that you refuse to allow the Dark God and his cronies to make moral choices for you."

What a conundrum you pose, for if Wade v Roe is overturned then you have a beltway regime and its cronies making a moral choice for you. And if you refuse to let it make that moral choice the consequences are deemed criminal. You are replacing one tyrant with another based on your perception of morality which you deem superior to all others because it is...well...yours?

This is the absolutism you despise about Islam, there is only one God and all non-believers are worthy only of death, and yet you seem to espouse it in your morality. Now there's a religion with no moral ambiguity!

I guess this is a classic case of a moral dilemma. I am pretty sure from our conversations you have no wish to impose your morality on others, and yet those who do not conform to the view are guilty of "moral cowardice."

Alas, there is little of such black and white in my world, just shades of grey, so I guess I will just continue to be a conspirator (I prefer the term fellow traveler) and enabler of evil. That's O.K., for I am also a heretical, pagan non-believer who is damned, by countless number of Gods by the way, to an eternal, infernal abyss. Moral condemnation seems almost pleasant compared to that.

The above reminds me that I must remember (yes at my age I have to remind myself to remember things) to toss a virgin into the volcano for the one TRUE God (mine) really does demands sacrifice. Fortunately for me and my compromised morality (does that make me amoral?), IT works on a cosmic timescale, not our silly human one, so there is no rush...

Jack from Chicago

Thank you for the E-mail. You made my day,