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Exploding Saudis


Created on 04/21/2013
by Hanther

Just read todays and thought I should mention that I sent my previous post before I did.
Let me get this straight, when it is a bomb and not a gun, or as we saw recently a knife, it is a terrorist act, and if it is a gun in a school or a movie theater it is "crazy" and no one can question your religious background because that goes against NRA teachings.
Does this also mean you don't get virgins?
Oh, and don't be a Saudi next to an explosion, for even if you didn't cause it you should have or meant to or would have given enough time. If we would have nuked them in the fifties when we had a chance there would never have been an Al Qaeda and we could be rolling in oil, like Arkansas, and it would even glow in the dark. What was Eisenhower thinking?
-Tom In Savannah

It is always a delight to receive your insightful and thought provoking comments. Have a nice day.