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Insulting The Prophet


Created on 09/29/2012
by Hanther

If Nakoula Bassel Nakoula had made a pro-abortion video and then because of the publicity got picked up on outstanding warrents for parole violations going back 5 years (did you bother to look at this guys record? He's a grade A con atrist) Atlas would be shrugging a different tune.
Are we excusing criminal behavior now do to political leaning? How very politic of you.
-Jack In Miami

I have research the background on Nakoula Bassel Nakoula and I know who he is and what he did. The outstanding warrants and con artist activity are not why he was arrested. I have the verification from a couple of lawyers for that. He was arrested for insulting Islam. Dictatorial regimes have a proven record of manufacturing distracting justifications in crude attempts to hide their actual motives.

"The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam." -the President's United Nations speech.