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Created on 09/25/2012
by Hanther

I love the way you can type Community Organizer into your machine and have it come out with such venom. I don’t seem to have that option on mine.

Let’s see, what is a Community Organizer? Well, it’s someone who talks to his friends and neighbors and tries to “organize” them into some concerted usually political action.

Ward Healers? Ah, the good old days, but that is pretty passé now.
Community Organizers also try to help their community register for and actually vote, I know that’s a huge sin right there, and that brings us to VOTER FRAUD. Of course of the two situations currently happening now, Pennsylvania and Florida, the GOP with its voter suppressions laws has been unable in either state, and all those millions of votes, to document ONE case of voter fraud. All the ACORN stuff, not one documented case from them, indeed in the 2008 election there were only something like 6 documented cases of actual voter fraud and they were not connected with ACORN. Speaking of neighborhoods can you say “Straw Man”? I knew you could.

And let’s remember Lexington and Concord. It was a community organizer who organized the Minute Men, and then had them show up, and that Paul Revere, well what can you say about that Community Organizer? Sam Adams was the worst of the bunch, talk about a Ward Healer, woof!

And then there’s that Frank Clayton on Tandra. Isn’t it strange that when you need to take action as a community it helps to have it organized and therefore someone becomes a Community Organizer? Evil is so nefarious.

-Mark from Omaha

Gee, Is that how you read "Community Organizer"? I meant it as a compliment. They say venom, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Have you checked with your oculist recently to see if you need a new prescription for your bi-focals?