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Peter David's Guns


Created on 09/02/2012
by Hanther

I just got finished reading your open letter to Peter David. Yeah, I've got to agree with you on that one. I've never been a big gun supporter, even though I own a couple old .22 hunting rifles that belonged to my grandfathers. I'm afraid I'm more against getting rid of all guns, unlike Mr. David. When I was growing up in Utah my dad would take me hunting whenever the weather was too bad to work. He showed me how to shoot and clean guns. But I think most importantly he showed me what a gun could really do to a living creature. I don't carry a gun today, but there have been times when I was downtown I wished I was! I'll be sure to stop by your site more often. I need to see if Joe's written anything I haven't read.

Lin Workman

Lin's one of the prime movers of the MSCA, a loose organization of cartoonists and other persons of questionable moral character in Memphis TN. (That's mid-southern United States for those of you on the other side of the world) I should probably send Peter David a check for all the free publicity he has caused to come my way as a result of my response to his commentary written almost a year ago. Thanks, Lin, for the comments and thanks to Peter for the original inspiration that motivated my comments.