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Links to some of our favourite sites. Our tastes range from industrial technical and informational to sites that are just plain fun. Check 'em out! There's a good chance you'll find something here you'll like. l 2-CLICKS Comics is a one-stop comic book collecting directory. It provides a comprehensive guide online for collectors by supplying them with a database of comics, which includes all specific categories and genres in current and old comic books as well as the most relevant comic collectible resources that are available in the Internet today. - "Find the best connections for your travel plans." for the best in comics, art books and prints, animation, vintage pin-up prints, also for trading card sets, videos, figurines, calendars, glamour girls and glamour prints, photographs and illustration books. These folks have lots of marvelous stuff and Bud is an all round great guy. Check this site and buy something. is the site to visit if you want to buy comics published by Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, or any of the major comic book publishing companies. They also carry a wealth of comics related material. If you don't have a comics shop near you, you'll want to give this site serious consideration. Tell 'em you saw the link at Tandra Dot Com. for all the latest news of what's happening in the comics industry. Hanther has had a subscription to the Comics Buyer's Guide for the past 25 years, but don't hold that against the good folks at CBG. Check their site. The parent company also publishes periodicals for those with interests in many other activities. is of course the site of Apple Computer Company, manufacturers of the computer Hanther uses to create Tandra. Get all the latest Apple and Macintosh information. is the site for the makers of Acrobat and Photoshop, two software packages essential to the creation of the Tandra site. To download and view the weekly Tandra comics page you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader, available free from the Adobe web site. - If you have feet, you need  to check out this site - A directory of online comics 

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