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The Army Of God


Note of intent: In today's political climate it is likely necessary to advise anyone reading this if the shoe does not fit, you should not waste time and effort attempting to squeeze your foot in. In various examples in which someone has an unflattering opinion of a certain Walter Smith, the whole Smith Clan will put a chip on their collective shoulder and insist the targeted commentary selectively directed toward the designated Walter Smith was a scatter shot intended for every member of the clan. In this case, ain't so. If, on the other hand, you are a homicidal thug in the habit of indulging in wanton slaughter for the most trivial of reasons while hiding behind women's skirts and newborn infants to commit wanton slaughter or if you happily stand on the sidelines and cheer enthusiastically giving moral support to such murderers, this commentary is aimed directly toward the space between your eyeballs!

Last evening I went to see the Oliver Stone film World Trade Center at the local multi-plex. As I was standing outside the theatre waiting to go into the air conditioned theatre and plop down seven-fifty for a ticket, a friend came up and asked what I had come to the theatre to watch. I told him and his comment was he considered World Trade Center a good movie as it did not take any political position concerning the destruction of the Two Towers. This struck me as something of an absurd attitude considering it was mostly Arab Nationals claiming inspiration from practitioners of the Muslim religion who slaughtered some three thousand Americans and other persons in three buildings and four commercial aircraft that day. What I mean is, the Two Towers did not suddenly decide to come crashing down on some whim of nature. They were brought down and those people murdered by intent and with premeditation. It was a pure and deliberate act! As someone in the film said as he watched the buildings come down on his television screen, "We are at war!"

Only the vast number of Americans do not seem to understand that fact. Maybe they are in denial. They hope that they can ignore a war and pretend it does not exist, that a war will go away if left unacknowledged. But the hard facts are the wolf is not just at the door, the wolf has moved into the living room and brought his henchmen with him. He has brought furniture and set up permanent residence. Moreover he is gazing with acquisitive eyes into the kitchen and bedroom and he is making plans for his next meal!

Contrary to the beliefs and hopes and fairy tale wishes of certain parties, this is not an enemy manufactured by the Bush Administration. This is an enemy stretching back at least to the Presidency of Thomas Jefferson. This is an enemy sworn to kill, enslave or convert all infidels world wide and infidels include not only Israel, are not limited to Europe and England, but includes the Great Satan itself, which is the United States of America. These people were our enemy when Adolf Hitler was not even a twisted gleam in his father's eye, in fact when Hitler's father was yet unborn.

Why do they hate us? Purely and simply because we are infidels, because we do not acknowledge or pay tribute to their particular version of Allah. They hate us because we allow people to make choices about their own lives unrestricted by the perverted bias of deranged Muslim Clerics, because we engage in sinful acts, as example, going to movies and clubs and beaches where men and women expose themselves with only tiny strips of fabric covering their privates, because we allow women the freedom to walk the streets unescorted and allow them to choose the path of their own lives. Why do they hate us? It is not because of what we have done or primarily of who we are. It is because we do not bow down before the specially virulent bastardization of the Muslim religion to which they claim allegiance.

And, at the end of the day, it appears adherence to this form of the Muslim religion is no more than an excuse by which to gain world wide power. In truth, the religion of these fanatics is not the worship of Allah. The god they worship is power, power on Earth. They worship the power to command, the power to enslave, the power over people, the power for the simple sake of raw naked power. They worship the power of death over life, the power to choose who shall be allowed to live and who, at a moments whim, will die. For it is exactly as Osama bin Laden and others of his degenerate ilk have proclaimed. These moral degenerates do in fact worship death! Not their own death, of course. The Muslim power brokers are much too valuable to die. Death is not for them, not so long as it can be avoided. So they evade death by hiding in caves and in mud villages and behind the skirts of women and behind babies.

Where you come from, I don't know how you call men who cower behind women and infants. Where I come from, we call such vermin lily livered cowards and the lowest forms of life on the planet, about six levels below bacteria (with apologies to bacteria for undeserved association). Yet certain of these despicable degenerates have the audacity to call themselves The Army Of God, though one would certainly be hard pressed to envision any god who might claim them. One is in fact put at odds to imagine Satan or Lucifer or whatever name you prefer for the Lord of the Netherworld accepting such low forms with much enthusiasm. One might imagine Satan holding his nose in disgust as these sorry excuses for humanity enter into his domain. He might be expected to expel them to a depth of hell he never frequents so he might never lay eyes upon them again.

I have noted previously the absurd vision of paradise degenerate Muslim adherent fanatical clerics are reported to display before the morally challenged and mentally deficient whom they attempt to persuade toward strapping explosives to their bodies and blowing themselves into a red smear in the largest crowd of women and children they can manage. Reports on the exact numbers vary, but morons willing to blow themselves up are promised an eternal afterlife made sweeter by seventy some odd perpetual virgins and the ability to continually renew their own sexual power immediately after each encounter. It is also said by some that, in this glorious afterlife, vast quantities of heady spirits (though officially forbidden the faithful on Earth) are endlessly available for the asking. In other words, the rewards in the afterlife for the faithful martyr resemble nothing so much as a perpetual brothel. This is the sort of thing grown Muslim clerics preach to cajole unbalanced young men to kill themselves and as many infidels as possible. It is at bottom the fantasy wet dream of a particularly immature adolescent teenage boy, not the sort of imagery a rational man would even consider for a moment. One is left to wonder what is the reward of the faithful female martyr and mass murderer in the afterlife. Does she have access to seventy odd male gigolos with perpetual erections?

What sort of religion would set murder as the ultimate achievement to gain the reward of guaranteed heavenly paradise? The answer is, of course, no true religion would ever set forth such unholy behavior nor would it set such an unbelievably tacky reward in the proposed afterlife. The unholy fanatical clerics who send the insecure and mentally unstable on their horrendous missions of slaughter have no more concept of a God than they have of ethics. Theirs is the morality of the butcher.

One can well understand the motives behind the power lusters who use a perverted religion to achieve their aims of blood and death. What remains more difficult to comprehend is the ordinary people who see these craven murders up close and know them for what they are, still they shout to them encouragement and worship them as heroes. It must require a stretch to see one of the Army Of God hiding in fear behind a woman with an infant in her arms and still call him a hero. I have to admit such a concept of hero requires a vision of heroics I am not able to comprehend.

An American politician of ill fame is reported to have said a man can be properly judged by observing the nature of his enemies. I might suggest a more accurate measure of a man is best determined by observing the nature of his heroes. It is a fairly simple process to determine the motives and moral degeneration behind Hezbollah, Al Qaeda and other terrorist affiliations. Pure and simple these groups and the degenerate scum who drive them lust for power over men. This is unfortunately nothing new in human history. Mankind has been beset with such disgusting examples of sub-human butchers through the totality of existence. They are a vicious plague from which mankind appears unable to escape.

It is not the motive of the sub-human degenerate lusting for absolute power over other men that one finds difficult to understand. Their motives are transparent in the extreme. What remains perplexing is determining what could possibly be the driving force behind the ordinary man in the street who sees these despicable amoral thugs up close and still gives them moral support and encouragement, who calls them heroes and who names his children after them as an honor. In many ways, such mindless supporters are morally more corrupt than the terrorists they worship for, without the enthusiastic support of the uncritical masses, the terrorist would be impotent. His slaughter of infidels would be seen as not so much political theatre but a simple act of murder stripped of glorified revolutionary trappings. With regards to moral responsibility, the fellow travelers and hangers on of the Army Of God and their ilk are as guilty of terrorist crimes as the brain dead murderers and their programmers who actually commit the act of killing. The events recently of Qana demonstrate that fact with absolutely no room left for doubt as to the motives behind this grisly event.

It is the oft declared and re-stated desire of the Army Of God and of its supporters and backers to exterminate the state of Israel. To that end, Israel has been under attack from the first day of its inception. The war of the summer of 2006 was no different. Knowing there was no possibility a group of terrorists calling themselves the Army Of God would ever be able to defeat the Israeli military machine in open combat, the terrorists conducted a campaign of raining rockets and missiles down on Israeli population centers. Weapons were invariably launched from Lebanese population centers with Lebanese women and children used as human shields. It is impossible to determine how many of the women used as human shields volunteered and how many were used without their knowledge. What is of record is that the state of Israel dropped tons of printed leaflets over Southern Lebanon warning civilians to evacuate the area prior to Israeli air attack. While it is questionable if the women involved were complicit in the tactics against Israel, there is no doubt the infants in Qana were given no choice in the face of probable death.

The scenario was that rocket launchers were placed at or near the building in which women and children were hidden. When Israeli war planes fired in retaliation, the building collapsed upon those inside. In the morning, after the midnight attack, the press were called in to view and report the grisly carnage. This much is of record. Almost immediately questions arose concerning accuracy of the display. Documents indicated the building collapsed some eight hours after the Israeli attack. Almost all the dead were women and children, with a large disproportionate number of children. Observers came to note many of the dead appeared not to have died in collapse of a building. The upshot of the investigation suggests Qana was likely a public relations setup. Indications are that women and children were placed deliberately in a building whereupon weapons were fired toward Israel to invite Israeli response. Israeli war planes did indeed respond, but apparently did not destroy the target building as expected. The target building did eventually come down, either from weakening of the structure or possibly from assistance by the Army Of God. Someone on the scene, a member of Hezbollah or possibly a supporter, saw opportunity to advance the anti-Israel media campaign and took advantage. If Israel was the target of bad press when a few Lebanese women and children died in an attack, would the effect not be improved if it were reported many children had died in an Israeli attack against "civilian" targets. More bodies of children were located, possibly from a nearby morgue, and brought to the scene to be on display for the guided tour of the media reporters in early morning. Hezbollah has no hope of winning a military victory over Israel, but a public relations victory might serve even better. If by simple incompetence or because of a limited time frame, the publicity stunt appears poorly executed. Children's bodies supposedly dead from the destroyed building show no indication of collapsed building dust (remember the fall of the World Trade Center towers) and some bodies give indication of death before the time frame allows. Yet the gullible and possibly complicit world news media took the Qana story at face value exactly as spoon fed to them by the Hezballah partisan public relations team. The Qana story as presented in favor of the Army Of God was the big story of the week. Investigations and revisions as conducted by those critical of the Hezbollah display appeared in small print on page sixteen if revisions appeared at all. The Qana incident, a military loss for Hezbollah, was a resounding victory over Israel in public relations and in "World Opinion".

From before the time of Alexander, The Great, and forward the accepted procedure to wage war was for armies of the opposing sides to march out onto an open field, face each other in formation and begin throwing things (rocks, arrows, javelins, bullets, artillery shells) until one side gave up and ran off. The army still standing was the victor. Citizens back home learned the end result of the contest when their troops came marching back in victory or when the enemy conqueror came marching in and announced he was now in command of the city. Such tradition held with little variation until Native American Indians showed the stupid European invaders a new way of conducting war. Famously, in the so called French And Indian War, the French adapted to the Indian method of warfare while British forces were scandalized by the new barbaric standard of warfare and declined to participate with disastrous results. Graphic demonstrations of the conflicting engagement procedures can be seen in several Hollywood productions including The Last Of The Mohicans in which Indians fire from surrounding forest with devastating effect upon British troops grouped in an open field. The story is that American Colonists prevailed upon the Brits to adapt to the new style of warfare and the Brits reluctantly complied.

A popular piece of conventional wisdom is that generals always fight the previous war. Today, in the so-called "War On Terror", the Western Democracies have been fighting the "Last War" while the Armies Of God have adapted to a new way of fighting. Rather than hiding behind trees and hitting Western Military Forces standing unprotected in open fields, the Armies Of God hide behind women and children and fire at Western Armies who disdain to use innocents as cover. We consider such practices disgustingly barbaric in the extreme. As it comes to combatants hiding behind women and infants, I share wholeheartedly in the disgust toward this method of warfare as the above writing should sufficiently indicate. It matters not should the women and children used as human shields do so by their own choice and it should be remembered infants are in no position to consent to the status of human shields in any case.

There is also the purely practical limitation of adapting to the terrorist preference for human shields. If the enemy has no consideration for his own women and children, he will certainly not restrain deadly fire to refrain from killing the innocents of his enemy. Evidence of this is readily at hand. See the World Trade Center, see various other acts by homicidal fanatics world wide, see the recently intercepted plot to explode numerous commercial aircraft en route from Britain to the United States. We cannot and should not consider using the tactics of the terrorists against them. As the British commanders said of the French and Indians, their methods are too disgustingly barbaric!

But we cannot also continue to fight World War II. We need a new template. Patton will do us no good here. This is not the Battle Of The Bulge. This is not D-Day. This is here and now in a global war against a world wide enemy that claims one fourth of Earth's inhabitants as sympathizers. The claims of the Army Of God are, of course, exaggerated as are always the claims of wannabe world rulers. Though Hezballah, Al Qaeda, and other terrorists of their ilk have support among Muslims, not all Muslims are their murderous brethren in the same manner that not all Christians are virulent fundamentalists and not all Smiths are named Walter.

It is not my intent here to solve the problems of the world nor to plot military strategy that will bring terrorists to their knees and put them in a well deserved grave, or to preferably leave them as vulture food. But we are definitely at war with those who call themselves the Agents Of God and we cannot hope to appease them any more than a mouse has hope of successful negotiations with a hungry snake. The snake desires the mouse for lunch and there is nothing less that will satisfy him. The terrorists demand our conversion to Islam or our death. Nothing less will satisfy them. Nothing!

Those quivering spineless cowards who believe acknowledging Allah as one true God is no big deal (During the late Cold War, some insisted "better red than dead") are blinding themselves to the true intent of the Islamo Fascists. At bottom, this war is not about Allah. This war is about power on Earth! If you believe conversion to Islam will keep you safe from a totalitarian enemy, know that your first duty to a Fascist dictator is to offer up your life, your family, and your property in service to the dictator. You will not sit in comfort in your air conditioned living room, your remote in one fist and a bag of Fritos in the other watching the latest "American Idol", required only to pay lip service to the Islamic State. You will be required to sacrifice everything you hold dear to the your Islamic Masters. Remember, while a one in four percentage of Islamists to the world population is a staggering percentage, the remaining three in four is an even larger percentage. It is your sworn and sacred duty as a confessed Muslim in service of the Islamic State to convert by force, enslave, or slaughter the infidel!

Even should the preposterous come to pass and the whole of Earth's population convert to Islam on demand, should the President reluctantly surrender the United States in consideration that the loss of American lives as the price of resistance to Islamists who have transported a nuclear device into New York City Harbor is too disastrous to contemplate, you will still not remain untouched with your remote and your bag of Fritos. (Not even considered is the probability "American Idol" will not likely be allowed by an Islamist State. Television that remains will have a preponderance of religious and state sponsored propaganda.) Consider the civil war now in evidence in Iraq. Even Islamists do not abide together in peace. Ill feeling springs readily between factions that interpret Holy Writ from different perspectives. And where there are ill feelings, armed conflict is always an open option, especially with a regime who considers it sacred duty to convert or slaughter any opposition. Capitulation and wholesale surrender, my friend, is not the answer.

But religion is not the real issue with the Islamo Fascists and the Army Of God. Islam has as much to do with the Army Of God as ethics has to do with American politics. I said above and it bears repeating for those with short memories, Religion does not guide the terrorists. Power on Earth is all they worship. Islam is the excuse. Islam gives the Army Of God the political cover they require to continue their policies of slaughter and aggression. They require, by their own admission, the belief of a large percentage of the population that their cause is just and their motives are pure! The Islamo Fascists require our acceptance the innocents they place in harm's way are murdered by others, they require we believe any resistance to their murderous attacks is "disproportional", they require we accept Hezbollah hangers on and fellow travelers who volunteer as human shields as helpless victims caught in the pitiless "disproportional" attacks of the nation striking back at the continuing terror threat from the Army Of God.

Terrorist manipulation of news coverage and their careful and intense monitoring of internal events in the United States and other Western Democracies, their deliberate orchestration of the public perception of their acts of terror and their careful campaigns to thwart our will to resist give demonstrable proof how much the brutal and subhuman thugs require our compliance of their agenda.

Let us withdraw compliance.

I suggest we can begin by reforming their God! Gods have been previously reformed. The Judio Christian God has come under considerable reform from the time He was a bloodthirsty inspiration for the wholesale slaughter of the unbelieving infidel. King Saul of ancient times came under God's displeasure because he failed to slaughter every member of the opposing tribe as God had instructed through his prophet Samuel. True believers would cry "Foul" at the above statement and insist God did not change. It is man's perception of God that underwent alteration. Very well, be it said man came to revise his vision of God and evolved to the stage wherein the Holy Father is seen as a figure of love and tolerance The Christian God no longer came to trust men to properly decide who should be exterminated and who should be allowed to live. God began to reserve punishment of the infidel unto Himself and promise the ungodly would receive his just deserts in the afterlife. There remain certain fundamentalists who still believe true believers should give God some assistance in punishing the non-believer, but they exist in the minority.

It is of record Allah has proclaimed there is only one God (a conviction shared by Jews and Christians) and that true believers must go forth and convert the infidel by flame and sword. Those who fail to see the true light merit swift extermination. Evidence at hand gives ample demonstration the true believers of Allah are no more qualified to determine who should live and who should die than are true believers of the Judio Christian God. (Widely accepted argument has it they are both the same God with a different name, a simple consequence of difference in language of their respective worshipers.) In consequence, one can believe true Muslims can accept that their understanding of God has evolved to the point they realize God does not require them to slaughter every infidel in sight. Allah, it seems, is fully capable to take care of the infidel on his own. In any event, true believers have convincingly demonstrated they are not reliably competent to serve as Allah's executioners.

The conversion of the perception of Allah or God can be given a strong push forward to the benefit of everyone, excepting the Islamo Fascist Power Lusters, by the American entertainment media. The World War II conflict saw Hollywood painting the Nazi and the Japanese enemy in decidedly non-complimentary colours and, by so doing, they helped inspire the American public with the resolve necessary for a long and terrible struggle. As of this date, the American entertainment media has failed dismally to address the Islamo Fascist threat in any meaningful way. Even Oliver Stone's World Trade Center film mentioned above, a film concerned with the most horrific attack by an enemy on American soil in over a hundred years, treats destruction of the two towers as something that just happened. As my friend rejoiced, the film avoids being political. (I am told the film United 93 avoids that grievous error. I would not know as United 93 did not play in theatres in my area. I will see the film when it comes out on DVD.) I do not believe there is an Islamist conspiracy afoot in this matter. The simple fact is the production of movies, of most any media experience, is a matter of considerable funding. Investors are loath to finance a picture that alienates by intent one in four potential customers. The potential audience in the Arab world is massive and a film that is considered antagonist toward Muslim Arabs will not reach that audience. In consequence, the elimination of a potential Arab Muslim market is of serious consideration.

What must happen is the severance of the Islamo Fascist thugs from the religion they hide behind. They have no right to Islam in any case. Strip away their camouflage and show them in their true colours. The entertainment media must create entertaining films, television features, comics, radio features and other media events that portray terrorists as they are and that show explicitly they are not guided by religious convictions but are rather consumed by nothing more glorified than the naked lust for power on Earth. Demonstrate these amoral degenerates have desecrated visions of an afterlife for the faithful into a cheap, tacky and tasteless eternal brothel as reward for mass murderers. Terrorists must be made the target of bawdy jokes and short skits portraying them as media hogs overly concerned with their screen image, their worst nightmare that poor lighting will accent their overly large nose or expose their receding hair line. Parody and ridicule are sudden death to fascists and tyrants. Observe how rulers over fascist states spend an inordinate amount of their time perpetuating flattering images of themselves. The Army Of God is no less sensitive to their world wide image. Again observe the spectacle of Qana. Also observe by the display of Qana how spectacularly inept and amateurish these people are at media manipulation. A spectacular willing suspension of disbelief is required of the news media to allow for the portrayal of events that present these terrorist fascists in favourable light. Sadly, whether because of some sort of misplaced bias or because of uncritical observation, the major media networks appear absurdly complicit in the amateurish attempts of the Army Of God to slant coverage to their advantage. The recently exposed Reuters incident of an altered photograph displaying smoke over Beirut after Israeli strikes is an exemplary demonstration of both terrorist ineptitude and news media complicity in distorting events to the advantage of Hezbollah. Reuters distributed a photographic overview of Beirut after an Israeli strike with excessive representation of smoke to make the damage caused by the Israeli strike look even more "disproportionate" than the unaltered view might. A blogger took notice of the photo and called Reuters to task for misrepresentation in the photograph. The photographer, a Lebanese national, insisted the alteration was an honest mistake caused by an attempt to remove dust particles in the photo. The excuse is laughable in its crudeness. I saw reproductions of the altered photograph myself and I can verify the photograph is blatantly (and crudely) revised to add smoke above Beirut. I have some knowledge of the Photoshop application used to alter the photo and the crude and amateurish manipulation was evident in the extreme.

Terrorists this sensitive to their perception throughout the world as evidenced by the Beirut photograph and by heavy handed manipulation of Qana, are giving us the tools of their defeat. As any actor can verify, the same public relations campaign that created you a media star has in it the seeds of your destruction. Certainly Hollywood, television, and publishers cannot destroy the Islamo Fascists by simply ignoring their self generated favourable press and displaying them rather in the unfavourable light they deserve, but it can certainly cast doubt on the glowing image with which they prefer to display themselves and inspire those who might unwittingly consent to be the terrorists' press flacks to investigate terrorist claims with more objective detachment and portray the Army Of God to the world more as they actually are.

Seen without the heroic posturing they demand and portrayed as the nauseating degenerates they actually are, their appeal will waver and fewer recruits will flock to their banner. It will no longer be considered "cool" to be an Islamist Fascist. It will a shameful secret, something to hide as old Nazis struggle to hide their pasts from general knowledge. With their public image in disarray, the Army of God will find it difficult to gather public support for their murderous campaigns. With their cloak of Islamic Fundamentalism stripped away and shown for the cloak of false colours it is, those of true faith will no longer feel the religious duty to protect them from the fate they so richly deserve.

We in the media cannot exterminate the terrorists but, if we strip away their pious camouflage, we make it a simple process for the military to hunt down those that remain in whichever dark and filthy cave in which they choose to hide. We can enable the armed forces to grant the terrorists a taste of the death they claim to worship.

In the process of ripping the cloak of respectability and heroism from the terrorists, we may run the risk of alienating a portion of the Middle Eastern market and the returns on media properties may be less than we had hoped, but the fact is movies, television, comics and other forms of entertainment have suffered from considerable lack of interest in recent times. It could be that tales that reveal the true face of our enemy and portray him as the murderous amoral butcher he actually is, one who uses Islam as nothing more than a cloak to hide his true ambitions, could ultimately bring Americans back to movie houses and to commercial television and to mainstream publications.

In any event, an effective media attack against the Army Of God could do more than advance the bottom line, it could preserve our right to make films at all and, of more importance, it could well preserve our lives and the lives of those we love!

Remember to keep your powder dry,