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Brothel In The Sky


Our President George W. Bush made some eyes roll recently when he called the Middle Eastern homicidal fanatics "Islamic Fascists". The little darlings were sore offended to be designated by such hurtful names. Some of them registered official protests and demanded an immediate apology. It is simply amazing to discover how incredibly sensitive mass murderers are to being called by offensive names. Some Bush critics feared our President, by using harsh words to name the enemy, might annoy the jihadists and give them reason to dislike us. These are, of course, extortionists and murderers and fellow travelers who have demanded we convert to their homicidal brand of Islam or face early extermination. These are also fanatics who have slaughtered over three thousand of our people, most notably victims of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon as well as passengers of United 93 and other American citizens over the years. If those attacks are not sufficient evidence these homicidal fanatics hate us already, I fail to be able to imagine what more evidence might be required or how use of nasty names might possibly increase their hostility.

Interestingly, immediately our President insulted the enemy by calling them bad names, he announced he was making to those in Lebanon a gift of some $230 million to help in rearming Hezbollah. Is this President completely brain dead? No, of course Mister Bush did not say this gift was intended to help in rearming Hezbollah. Bush insisted the money is for humanitarian aid, but can anyone, including our compassionate President, doubt for what this "humanitarian" gift will be used? Just for the sake of argument, let us postulate this generous gift of United States tax dollars does go as designated to build schools and hospitals and mosques and roads. The end result is simply this gift of U. S. tax dollars will free up funds Hezbollah had earmarked for their public relations campaign as "Heroes of the Lebanese Common People" and allow those funds that would not otherwise have been available to go for purchase of arms to use in the next attack on Israel or (dare we believe?) another attack against the United States or our interests. You don't believe the Army Of God would be so ill considered as to divert "humanitarian" funds toward other and more hostile purposes? Check out what routinely happens to the billions in tax dollars that are showered upon totalitarian regimes around the world or, closer to home, look to New Orleans recently and the millions lost to waste, fraud and outright theft for the purpose of lining the pockets of the well connected. Then convince yourself a regime that has no hesitation of butchering women and infants to use for news cast props on CNN would be reluctant to use a $230 million gift to assist in rearming itself.

Of recent, with Hezbollah and Islam in the news and jihadists plotting new acts of mass murder, I decided to do some rudimentary research and see what Islam is all about. There are, naturally, any number of reference books and documents concerning Mohammed and Islam written from the Western perspective. For example, just to pick at random, there is a book titled "The Life And Religion of Mohammed" written by one Reverend J. L. Menezes. This book passes itself off as a true and objective record of the prophet and his religion. However, the objectivity is immediately called into question by the fact that the good Reverend was a Christian missionary in India writing with the express purpose of presenting the followers of Islam with a argument that would inspire them to turn from Islam and embrace the Christian faith. Hardly the premise for an objective look at Islam

On the other hand, type in the word "Caliphate" at Google and you are presented with a Web Page from the UK that is apparently posted by Muslims to explain to non-Muslims what the faith of Mohammed is all about. Again, this presentation in the same way as the J. L. Menezes book, is in no wise an objective portrayal of Muslims or their faith. This site is Muslims putting their best foot forward to explain to infidels why Muslims are good and decent folks and why conversion would be a good idea. It is something akin to a Christian missionary presenting to the ungodly arguments for accepting Christianity.

The ideal Muslim state is one ruled by Muslim religious leaders and is paradise on Earth. All people are treated with respect, both the faithful and the infidel. The poor and infirm are cared for and peaceful, law abiding folks are the norm. In effect, the perfect Muslim society appears pretty much what liberal Democrats promise if they were in complete control. I do not intend this as sarcasm. The best I can determine from this site projects the same world order the Democrats demand with the added benefit of strict morality maintained by an enforcement arm of the government to see everyone walks the straight and narrow. Of course, most good people will find such enforcement no burden as they will be able to live free of the fear of crime and assault. Even random dishonesty will be weeded out. Those who object will be bad people and no one will mind if bad people are harshly dealt with. A good and moral paradise without crime or fear where everyone, the faithful and the infidel live in brotherly love and mutual respect.

Of course, as the site admits, no such Islamic state exists in the present world. Not even Iran or Saudi Arabia. This lets the proponents of universal Islam off the hook in the event a heretic were to point to the misery and poverty of most Muslim nations and cry foul. The perfect Muslim state is the wave of the future, not a picture of the present. This calls to mind the Communists who promised a Workers' Paradise of some future date. The misery and disease and poverty of the present were just the consequences of the transition period. Better times lay ahead. Or the Democrats who claim all the problems of the world are caused by George W. Bush. Just put Hillary in power and Utopia will blossom forthwith!

The essential problem with utopia, be it of the Communist variety, the Nazi, the Liberal, or the Islamic is that civilization on Earth is made up of people and paradise conceived as a political concept or religious setup flies directly in the face of reality. It may appear to the kind of heart a goodness to remove all pain and hardship from the human experience and provide for the faithful a carefree existence where there is no experience of heartbreak nor of want and where every essential is provided by a generous benefactor. In the promised afterlife so popular with most religions, the god of the moment provides the ingredients to make the true believers eternally happy. Such can be done in an imagined afterlife as the resources of God are without limit and He can devote full attention to the individual believer to make the water sweet and pure, the wine flow freely, the temperature unwaveringly perfect, the food uniformly delicious and the supply inexhaustable, the mansion of manifest luxury with every convenience one might imagine and servants constantly on call to serve every desire, with gardens always perfectly manicured and in full aromatic bloom, household furniture of the latest style and in perfect condition and of comfort to please every demand, luxurious beds vast in size and ready for immediate use by the faithful for so long as he prefers, and an unending supply of virgins, each with a beauty that surpasses that of her sisters and an undemanding willingness to comply unquestioningly with the desires of the faithful, the center of all this bounty also beneficiary of an inexhaustable virility that allows for an eternal and continuing sexual orgy that never fades away. All this because of an acceptance of the specified religion on Earth.

And while God is lavishing all this attention on the single faithful one, He is in no wise diminished from showering the same attention upon multitudes of the like faithful who have passed over since the beginning of time and none of the numberless multitudes under God's care shall ever feel the least neglected from His solicitous attentions and continuous ability to make the afterlife absolute and unconditional perfection. Such is the capacity of God in the proposed existence after death.

Life on this Earth is in no wise the same, even a life regimented by religious and political leaders with the very best of humanitarian intentions. The relief and care of the poor cannot be accomplished with a magic wave of the hand. Suffering is not alleviated with a kind word. Every action exacts a cost in time and effort that must be paid by someone. A beggar on the street cannot be made to live in comfort with even his bare needs met without expenditure made somehow. If the beggar is to have food, that food must be produced, and at a cost. Food is not free for the having. Someone in some place must work to produce the food the beggar craves. The same exact condition exists for the clothes required to replace the beggar's worn rags.

In a society where wealth is in abundance, food and clothing can be gathered from the overflow and no one is much aware of the loss. There is more where that came from. If the beggar has disease, humanitarians demand his health concerns also require attention. Doctors and medical aid are not without cost. Even were the doctor willing to work without pay in terms of money, he is acting on fuel from other services that required payment. The doctor's knowledge to treat the beggar's disease was not acquired without the cost of long years of study. Medicine to treat the disease was produced through long years of costly research. Again, in a society of wealth the cost of the doctor's treatment is taken from the stored up excess of resources and the cost is not recognized. Cost is easily afforded.

Shelter for the beggar and the sustaining of his essential needs are also a matter of cost but, as before, in a society with a wealth of resources such costs are of minimal consequence. But begin to spread the costs of humanitarian aid to hundreds and thousands and millions of beggars and his brothers and the accumulated costs begin to add up as the excess of wealth from which the costs may be subtracted begin to be reduced. The unalterable facts of the real world are there is a finite limit to the reserves of wealth. Whereas God in his infinite power has as limitless reservoir from which to draw the benefits of utopia, totalitarian societys on Earth no not. Wealth on Earth, even the vast wealth such as that created in the United States of America, had finite limits. The deep well of goods and services has a bottom. It is often said a nation that can put a man on the moon surely has the resources to feed the poor and to cure the specified fashionable disease of the moment.

First off it is not at all certain this nation retains the capacity or the will to put a man on the moon. Such an event has not occurred in over a generation and, today, almost half the world's population share a single trait that was universal with the whole of mankind before July 20, 1969. They have never, in their life, had the experience of looking up into the night sky and knowing there were men walking on the moon. And, as I type this, aside from empty political promises, there is no real indication men will again make footprints on the surface of the moon any time in the forseeable future, if ever. The limits of our wealth have been reached and we drew back empty handed. Without the capacity or the will to reach into space, the unimaginable wealth available to mankind within reach of the asteroid belt is forever denied our kind. So, to return to that well worn canard, the nation that can no longer reach the moon neither has the capacity to execute many of the other wondrous achievements so desired by those who make it their avocation to bleed over the desperate condition of the perpetually unfortunate.

The absolute inescapable fact of reality is that no state, neither secular nor Islamic, and in spite of the most noble and high minded ideals has the power or resources to establish utopia on earth. Those that have tried historically only possess the power to trample all their unfortunate brethren down to the level of the domestic barnyard animal. The ruling elite, quite naturally, by use of arms and intimidation, retain power to scrape off the meager wealth that remains to a decimated society and to set themselves up in what passes for luxury in what remains of a civilization. If only two automobiles remain to a gutted world, the Caliphate will ride in them and with servants to do the driving. If only one hut remains in a devastated land, the tyrant will demand it for his own person. If only one crust of bread remains in a dying land, the political ruler will take it for his own mouth.

Of consequence, though the apologists for universal Islam make every effort to present them as good people in step with the humanitarian standards of our time with a political agenda to appeal to the average garden variety liberal, the utopia they propose is only a stepping stone to hell on Earth. These Islamist propagandists may, for the sake of argument, be absolutely sincere in their beliefs and committed to their agenda, but the very words of their vision condemn them as irrational zealots who have neither any concept of the unalterable laws of the universe nor, for that matter, the nature of God!

Place your hand in an open flame and the pain from the heat will inspire you to move your hand to a less uncomfortable location. Begin to press the blade of a sharpened knife into your palm and you will soon be encouraged by the pain in your palm to decrease the pressure. Pain is a useful tool. It assists us in preserving ourselves from harm. If you suddenly were released from a sense of pain, you could place your hand into a fire and cook it until the damage was irreparable. Without a sense of pain, you might press the blade of a knife into your body until an artery is severed and you bled to death. A sense of pain is an essential condition for your survival.

Some people are more successful in finances than are others. As financial condition is vastly more involved than causing pain with the blade of a knife, conditions are of necessity presented here with extreme generalizations. A man sunk in poverty is short of funds because he has not the knowledge to conduct himself in a way to increase his financial standing. There may be other circumstances but, with proper knowledge he could lift himself financially. A minimum of resources is a warning to change behavior and learn from the example of others. Most people do not learn very well to improve their condition. Some do not make the effort. But there are examples enough of those who successfully change their condition that it is evident such can be accomplished. Financial misery is the pain that gives warning in the economic arena.

Humanitarians who demand society should care for all those below an arbitrarily set poverty line may have the best of intentions, though many demonstrable do not. Such humanitarians would remove the inspiration that motivates low income persons to improve their lot in the manner of removing the pain that inspires a man to remove his hand from the flame. Applied in massive quantity to countless numbers of the underprivileged, humanitarian aid has two effects. It first removes a major incentive for underachievers to improve their lot. Second, it takes of necessity from the surplus of a society's wealth and leaves fewer resources for the achievement of success. It is difficult to determine which humanitarian effect is the more dehumanizing, but my vote goes to the first consideration which has the effect of creating in consequence a larger and larger dependent class that becomes accustomed to subsistence at the bare minimum level. This class is never content with their lot, but never discontent enough to rise from it. And more join them through apathy and the failure to comprehend that a better life is available for the taking if they will but use their own initiative.

Another consideration not much looked upon by the welfare state humanitarian is that not everyone is of the same desire nor of the same capacity. People are different. Not everyone desires or has the qualifications to be president of General Motors. The arbitrary poverty line set by the socially conscious makes the blind assumption everyone places the same value upon the same material resources. Such is demonstrably not the case. Certain persons of considerable ambition are not content with the consequences from an annual income in excess of several millions. Humanitarians and social engineers make the case that such wealth is more of this world's goods than is proper for any person to possess and take action designed to strip their considered arbitrary excess of wealth from such persons of abundance and redistribute that excess to the less advantaged. (After, of course, stripping away a large percentage for their own personal administrative purposes) Other persons find utter happiness and contentment with considerably less of this Earth's resources. They find peaceful enjoyment with a plot of fertile earth, a warm cottage, and a good dog. Such persons would not be content with excess wealth and the responsibility that comes with considerable fortune. The vast majority of persons fall in the main between and are constantly at effort to improve their lot in life. That is the reason the average level of the quality of human life has increased over the existence of man. An animal does not have the ambition to improve his life. Except for the environmental pressures exerted on a cow from beyond his interest and his control, the cow remains the same cow he was a hundred thousand years ago. No cow aspires to run General Motors.

This is the pure evil of the welfare state the humanitarians endorse and the Liberals and Muslims advocate as their paradise on Earth. Not that a class of people are relegated to a level of existence wherein a bureaucrat or religious dictator determines what is essential for their lives, but a level of existence is created by the welfare state, either secular or religious, that entraps an ever growing segment of the population in predetermined futility.

Advocates of the perfect welfare or religious state insist the above is all wrong. That the scenario written above is in no wise what they intend. But the road to hell is paved with good intentions and along that road are the rotting bones of opportunists and demagogues. The reality of cause and effect and life in the real world determines the end effect of all such attempts at controlled utopia on Earth can not possibly come to end in other than total disaster for the people who engage in such experimentations and societys that permit it. High brow intellectuals and opinion makers will insist such totalitarian utopias are mankind's last best hope for a better life on Earth, but the intelligencia and opinion makers have historically been the first to embrace dictators and mass murderers just as they were with the National Socialists of Adolf Hitler and the mass murderers of Joseph Stalin's Soviet Empire. Even today our ivory tower intellectuals look back to the rotting graveyard that was the former Soviet Union with misty eyed reverence. They insist the ideals of the communists were pure. The Soviet planners simply made a few minor errors in implementation.

Such sentiments are pure bullshit! It is Communist idealogy that is rotten to the core, contrary to all the apologists of collectivist propaganda and so is the Islamist variant that enslaves the minds of millions of deluded adherents today. No degenerate idealogy that requires conversion in the face of death is worth a tinker's damn be it a Communist regime, a Totalitarian Fascist state, or a disgusting version of a state enforced religion that promised nothing more rewarding in a projected afterlife than an eternal brothel stocked with seventy-two perpetual virgins. Every generation, it would seem, has their quota of high profile murderous psychopaths dreaming of world domination and supreme power. Apparently our generation is no different. And every generation has as its curse the weak livered appeasers who hear and see the aspiring butchers make their threats against the civilized world and yet, by ignorance or complicity, fail to recognize what their ears tell them. In the nineteen thirties, Adolf Hitler published a book giving in detail his plans for the world. Western apologists looked at the book and said the man really did not mean what he had written. He was just writing in abstract symbols. Ten years later Hitler showed he meant exactly what he had written, to the letter! Now intellectuals hear the rantings of the butchers of Iran and the rest of the fanatical Islamic world and they insist their bloody threats are only the language of diplomacy. They don't mean their words to be taken seriously. They don't really want Isreal wiped off the map. They don't really think of the United States as the Great Satan. When will those who should know better learn to take a psycho at his word?

We are presently in the teeth of a crisis. Fundamental radical Islam is on the rise. We need to be aware of the enemy. It has been said and bears repeating, not all Muslims are fanatical jihadists no more than all backwoods Baptists are fanatical "Nigger Haters". We are not at war with Muslims. We are at war with totalitarian murderers who call themselves Muslims. If we care to persevere, we shall have to use weapons and shed blood. There is no way around it. But the fighting will gain us nothing if we are clueless about what we are fighting for and, more important, how to wage war.

The enemy has shown himself to be concerned with his public image to the absurd extreme. Muslim representatives were insensed and their fragile egos bruised that George W. Bush should call them "Islamic Fascists". Using such names to refer to homicidal fanatics seems mild enough to me. In trying to learn more about the enemy, I have been reading up on the life of Mohammed and have discovered the man not much apart from any other savage totalitarian thug. That he came, mostly at his own insistence, to be revered as a great religious leader and prophet of his times tells anyone all they need to understand about the degenerate and savage culture from which he sprang. A man need not rise very high to stand above a swamp. Climbing a mountain is a different matter.

As a group this culture appears absurdly concerned with their genitals. Paradise in the afterlife is a perpetual brothel stocked with wall to wall virgins and an apparent endless supply of Viagra. You don't hit this sort of foe where it hurts by shooting him in the head. You first demolish his ego by pointing with mockery toward his fragile manhood. You destroy his ego with derision You thin his ranks by emasculating him. You dry up his potential recruits by making them realize it is not so cool to join an army of impotent "girley men".

True Muslims who insist theirs is a religion of peace can help contain the homicidal fanatics who use the Muslim religion with such callous cynicism and can help distinguish themselves from their pathological brethren by standing up and announcing the way of the bloody Jihad is not their way and not the way of true Muslims. To date there have been far too few Muslims putting distance between themselves and the butchers. It would be a tragedy, a sincere tragedy, for Muslims of peace to get caught up in the crossfire because they became identified with the enemy. Good people of any religion are a value beyond words. Stand and let the rest of us know who you are. We love you and sincerely wish you no harm.

Lastly, those in the media have tried to sit on the fence far too long. Some have even ventured into the enemy camp. It is time we began to make popular fiction that shows the bloody Jihadists in their true light, as enemies of man and enemies of civilization. Portray the leaders as the cowardly frauds they are hiding in caves and behind women and infants as they send the gullible and impressionably out as guided bombs into unsuspecting groups of civilians. Make of bin Ladin and his ilk targets of ridicule and satire. Show terrorist leaders overly concerned for their makeup and lip gloss on the latest video. Show the programers of homicidal murderers themselves cowering before the sharp tongues of their harpy wives. Make of the Jihadists objects of fun, and the inevitably military confrontation will just be a matter of wiping up the leftovers.

There is considerable struggle ahead, but we can make it much less costly if we go into the campaign with the right attitude and if we know what we are fighting for. There is no substitute for victory!

Remember to keep your powder dry,