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Been There, Done That


"In the seventh century of the Christian era, a wandering Arab of the lineage of Hagar [i.e., Muhammad], the Egyptian, combining the powers of transcendent genius, with the praternatural energy of a fanatic, and the fraudulent spirit of an imposter, proclaimed himself as a messenger from Heaven, and spread desolution and delusion over an extensive portion of the earth. Adopting from the sublime conception of the Mosiac law, the doctrine of one omnipotent God; he connected indissolubly with it, the audacious falsehood, that he was himself His prophet and apostle. Adopting from the new Revelation of Jesus, the faith and hope of immortal life, and of future retribution, he humbled it to the dust by adapting all the rewards and sanctions of his religion to the gratification of the sexual passion. He poisoned the sources of human felicity at the fountain, by degrading the condition of the female sex, the allowance of polygamy; and he declared undistinguishing and exterminating war, as a part of his religion, against all the rest of mankind. THE ESSENCE OF HIS DOCTRINE WAS VIOLENCE AND LUST: TO EXALT THE BRUTAL OVER THE SPIRITUAL PART OF HUMAN NATURE....Between these two religions, thus contrasted in their characters, a war of twelve hundred years has already raged. The war is yet flagrant...While the merciless and dissolute dogmas of the false prophet shall furnish motives to human action, there can never be peace upon earth, and good will towards men.

---John Quincy Adams, Sixth President of the United States. (Capitalized words JQA himself)

"You can fool all the people some of the time and you can fool some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time." (...unless they are Arabs!) Words credited to Abraham Lincoln, addition in parenthesis my own.

Don't you just get so sick and tired of all this? It isn't as though we have not been down this road before! We have followed this path numerous times and we know exactly where it leads. There are no surprises to be found here. From Adolf Hitler to Joe Stalin, Atilla to Napoleon to every little pig shit two-bit stunted-ego loudmouth would-be world dictator with delusions of grandeur who lusts to impose his particular subhuman brand of hell upon the rest of the world. It is always his destiny to rule over all mankind and his disgusting and imaginary god has spoken in his head and told him it is to be so!

This sort of thing gets so incredibly tedious, like looking at an extremely bad television show that keeps repeating over and over and we can't reach for the switch to just turn the damned thing off! There is no suspense because we have seen it all before and we know the inevitable end game and there is nothing to be done except to slog through the filth and the mire and the blood and the sweat and the tears until the whole sorry affair is played out yet once again.

If it is not the "rule of the proletariat", it is the "master race born to rule" or "There is no god but Muhammad and Allah is his lackey!" It never ends...

Or maybe it DOES!

Maybe, this time, it ends here! This time it ends dead in its tracks! This time we drive sub-human savagery back to the fourteenth century where it belongs and we let it rot like a stinking fish in the desert sun!

I have no interest in Islam. I write and draw sci-fi fantasy with larger than life heroes, with terrible monsters and diabolical villains, and beautiful women with absurdly big breasts. I write and draw escapist entertainment for readers to enjoy in their spare time for a bit of harmless fun and would have preferred it remain so. But a group of savage subhumans smashed two passenger planes into two remarkably ugly buildings in New York City and they slammed another into the Pentagon and another buried itself in a field in Pennsylvania because brave Americans thwarted plans to smash that craft into a fourth target. Over 3000 people were murdered within a few hours by Middle Eastern homicidal fanatics who claimed they were on a mission from God. President Bush assured Americans those Muslim savages are not true to the Muslim faith which is, said our President Bush, a Religion of Peace. The President said the murderous thugs who slaughtered 3000 victims on Nine Eleven had hijacked a peaceful religion to their own distorted ends. I remembered the Communists wanted "peace", too. They wanted a piece here and a piece there until they had a piece of everything! But all I knew about Islam is that Cassias Clay had converted to Islam because he was afraid to serve in Viet Nam. He changed his name to Muhammad Ali and became World Boxing Champion again. I even met him once. He seemed peaceful enough to me on that occasion.

But the "Religion of Peace" keeps demonstrating some very unpeaceful behavior. Muslims keep murdering people and blowing up things and going into a rage over a couple of innocuous cartoons and kidnapping people and cutting their heads off, and this is happening throughout the world and the "Religion of Peace" is looking more like the "Religion of Rage" in spite of its "peaceful" pretensions. The thing that really seems to send the "Religion of Peace" into a murderous rage is when someone confronts the peaceful ones with evidence of some particularly barbaric act of savagery in which they are engaged. It is not unlike the brute standing over a bloody corpse and holding a dripping butcher knife in one hand and the wallet taken from the corpse in the other hand and crying "How dare you suspect me of not being peaceful!"

It may be noted with confidence; any code of conduct that insists it is immune from critical examination is exhibiting an arrogance beyond comprehension. And anyone who capitulates to and encourages such absurd demands does so, not only in violation of the essential fundamental precepts of this nation and of a civilized society, but to the detriment of the code of conduct in question. Sycophants and apologists most certainly inflate the ego, but unrestrained flattery remains singularly devoid of essential instruction. It is only from critics that come constructive knowledge which is a requirement for self improvement. It is human nature to hold friends dear, but it is the wise man who properly values his critics. Those who would silence criticism are fools or scoundrels attempting to gain advantage through fraud or subversion. How can Islam aspire to world wide domination, as the Council on American-Islamic Relations insists, if this religious-political wannabe is so fragile it fears any objective investigation into its ambitions and motives?

These posts gathered under the working title "A Call To Arms" are the result of a continuing investigation into the nature of Islam. In the first post under that section, I was still in agreement with a President who insists Islam is by definition a religion of peace. In a certain sense, the President continues to be correct. A beheaded corpse is indeed very peaceful. However, that is a form of peace I do not find very appealing. My investigation into Islam has led me to the inescapable conclusion that fundamental Islam is, at core, anything but peaceful. There are non-violent Muslims to be certain. But these dear souls have drifted from the fundamental mainstream. They have reformed their beliefs into a more civilized code of conduct. Many more, of course, are simply are unaware of the violence their religion teaches just as there are those of other faiths who are ignorant of the fundamentals of the religion to which they bear allegiance.

Let me say here, I was once of acquaintance of a magazine editor who was in the business of accepting tales of fiction for publication. Many a writer is so caught up in his story he takes rejection of that story on a personal level. This editor would often say, "I do not reject writers. I only reject stories."

In similar, I am not in the business of condemning people. When I say, "This stops here!" I am talking about a subhuman code of conduct unfit for man or beast. I have no interest in converting Muslims to another faith. It matters not to me if they choose to worship Muhammad, Jesus, Elvis, or the purple pig on a farm in Minnesota. This is not about religion; this is about murder! This is not about Allah, it is about homicidal fanatics who claim to speak for their god! This is not about attaining paradise in the hereafter, this is about the absolute and totalitarian rule over mankind on earth and can, in reality, be about nothing else,

The loudmouth fool screaming for Muslims to go out and give their life in a jihad for Allah is not a connection to God or to Allah or to whatever name one choose for the supreme being. That disgusting subhuman with his mouth on fast forward and his brain in neutral is a wall between the believer and his God. His only purpose in life is to direct the love for God into a love for the one who speaks for God! It is the loudmouth that wishes to direct every action, every motive, and every emotion. It is his ambition to rule! Just as Muhammad caused Allah to reverse each and every inconvenient command at the Prophet's wish, the loudmouth directs his holy book to advance his own imperialistic agenda and directs gullible believers to sustain his power and his ego. You think Muslim leaders are eager for martyrdom? Observe them cowering in caves, skulking in mud huts, scurrying behind the skirts of women, hiding any place in panic from the death they admonish their followers to embrace openly!

This is not a crusade against a people. It is a crusade against a degenerate code of conduct and against the subversives who promote it to their own bigoted advantage!

Islam are not the enemy of the United States because of the policies of the Administration in Washington. Read the words of President John Quincy Adams at the top of this commentary to remind yourself mankind has been at war with Islam since Muhammad first commanded his savages go out and conquer the world in obedience to his own twisted requirements which were conveniently reinforced by Allah's instruction. Reading through a translation of the Qu'ran, it is revealing how predictably Allah conforms his commands to Muhammad's preferences. When Muhammad decides he doesn't like someone, Allah is right there, Johnny-On-The-Spot, to advise Muhammad, by newly revealed commandments, to take off the offending one's head. Muhammad requires a little more loot? Allah comes up, just like a good dog bringing in the evening paper, with a command to wage war against the conveniently wealthy infidel. Muhammad decides to advance his cause by subversion? Allah assures him it is right and proper to lie in the cause of obtaining whatever Muhammad's covetous heart desires. Muhammad wants another couple wives? Not a problem. Allah is there on schedule with another command most pleasing to Muhammad. It is easy to see how Allah has come to be so popular among a certain variant of the morally challenged. Allah is certainly a convenient god to have around in the event your tastes run to murder, pillage, and the rape of three year old female toddlers!

If the above reads a bit harsh toward the Religion of Peace, it is because of the regrettable fact that Western civilization has been too slow to criticize a code of conduct that demands special consideration from the West while its adherents riot in the streets, murder anyone who dares question the fundamentals of a peaceful religion that explodes into a murderous rage at the first hint of criticism, and openly brags about its crusade to bring the whole of the world under Sharia law by force or by subversion, demanding of non-believers they convert to Islam on pain of death or submit to perpetual slavery under Muslim rule. Part of the problem has been Islam projects itself as a religion and Westerners have been taught to respect another person's faith. We do not, at first view, make the assumption a stranger with a weird religion is our enemy. We are inclined to grant him the same freedom to worship in his beliefs as we expect from him respect for whichever religion we happen to prefer (or no religion, for that matter). If we hear the strange religion advocates murder as a first class ticket to paradise, that women are treated as slaves and the religion allows children to be used as sex toys, our first reaction is these tales are too absurd to be factual. There must be some error in translation. No civilized person in this century could possibly advocate such subhuman behavior!

Another reason for failure to response in the proper manner is abject cowardice. We have heard Muslims have the antisocial habit of beheading those who offend them. Regrettably, some in the West are easily intimidated and hide under beds at the first rumble of thunder.

I have used this comparison before, but it still rings true. Muslim screams of outrage at the mildest offense, a set of rather innocuous cartoons comes to mind, brings up images of spoiled Day Care Center inmates screaming to have their way immediately or they will continue with their temper tantrum until someone gives them their sugar treat. So called Western Leaders are likened to New age parents in a Wal-mart who, indoctrinated on Sesame Street and Mister Rogers, frantically rush from one display of toys to the next desperately attempting to find the proper bauble to briefly pacify the screaming brat in their care.

In spite of Western leaders desperately continuing to search for the magic pacifier that will sooth the Muslim temper tantrum, nothing satisfies them and nothing ever will short of total world subjugation. Once total subjugation is achieved, these savages will fall to slaughtering themselves as competing sects battle for supremacy. The long promised perfect Caliphate will never come to pass and what will certainly come about is a new and more desperate Dark Age in which one savage nomadic tribe of bedouin is at constant war with his neighbors. Thus will have been achieved the perfect kingdom of Allah, a perpetual state of subhuman savagery at essentially the same level as the Arabian countryside at the time Muhammad walked the sands of his birthplace

The evidence is in. Appeasement of these fanatics quite obviously does not work. Continuous efforts to mollify amoral thugs who have sworn they will be satisfied with nothing less that total and absolute world domination is no more effective at tempering their rage than is the constant and frantic efforts of the New Age mother in Wal-mart scurrying desperately from one pretty bauble to the next in the futile hope she will be able to find the magic trinket that will pacify her screaming brat. As it is self evident from any objective evaluation that soothing words and politically correct interaction has no effect on Muslim rage, it is time to take the gloves off. It is time to stand against this threat to humankind and recognize this scourge for what it is. The time is come to act!

It does service to no one, most especially the Muslim religion, to conform to the demands of Islam's apologists and refrain from critical examination of a terribly flawed code of conduct. Buying into the Islamic fantasy is no different in principle than giving into a spoiled child's demands and providing him with a steady diet of his preferred junk food. The difference with Islam is, with the child the junk food only wrecks the child's health and effectively harms no one else. Buying into the fantasy that is Islam has devastating consequences for the whole of human civilization.

The time is overdue for the West to awaken and understand the time of appeasement is past. It is time Islam is forced to confront the hard realities of the real world. This for the sake of Islam itself as for world civilization. It is time for Islam to learn it is not acceptable to demand the trappings and benefits of a recognized religion, while begging to be spared the responsibility!

So, it stops here. How does it stop? What can the defenders and champions of this United States of America, the greatest and most prosperous nation ever conceived by the mind of man, do to drain the rising swamp of Islam that licks at our feet? It is obvious our political leaders are worse than useless. Most of the politicians you can name would happily convert to a subhuman religion if so doing could preserve their precious social position. They would convert rather than defend their nation against an insidious enemy.

In the famous words of Winston Churchill, "I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat." And one thing more. I offer you victory!

So what is to be done?

First, what is not to be done is the targeting of Muslims themselves. There are claimed to be some seven million Muslims in the United States as of this writing. Doctor Tawfik Hamid, a former member of Gama's al-Islamiyya, an organization identified as a terrorist group by the U. S. State Department, insists in an article published in the Buffalo News titled "Fundamental Islam Linked To Terrorism", even in the United States and Europe, moderate Muslims are in the minority. This is in direct contradiction to the assurances of our politically correct leaders. But even so, we cannot tell from first glance if a Muslim is potentially homicidal. The fact is, even potentially dangerous Muslims are not instructed toward indiscriminate murder as the first method of attack, especially in Western countries where they have little power as yet. Their preferred method is falsification of their agenda and working their way into the fabric of a society by teaching acceptance of their religion in public schools, adapting the traditional Muslim burqa with the fashionably conscious until it becomes commonplace to see such on the streets of American cities, and placing Muslims in Congress by legal vote, as by example Keith Ellison, the newly elected Muslim Democratic Congressman from Minnesota. Random murder of non Muslims at this point in the campaign to convert this country to rule by Sharia law (the law of the Qu'ran) is counterproductive to their agenda. In consequence, there is not an immediate physical risk from the Muslim community and we should in no wise act as though such were the case. In any event, physical abuse of Muslims would be as much to our disadvantage as the same is true for them.

"A Call To Arms", as the working title of these commentaries might suggest, is not a demand that all Americans should rush right out to stock up on firearms. Physical force would, at this time, only strengthen the enemy. "A Call To Arms" is an admonition to arm your mind, an admonition to discover for yourself what Islam represents, what are its principle tenants, and why it is a failed religion. We have a window of opportunity to face down this inferior and degraded code of conduct by moral and intellectual confrontation. If we fail this opportunity, all the physical weapons on this planet will avail us naught. I wrote the next day after the degenerates slammed the airliners into the twin towers we were at war and we were this time required to use our minds. Nothing has changed in the years since that day. We still require our intelligence to win this war. No lesser weapon will serve! Should we successfully conduct this intellectual war of truth against ignorance and subversion, a war of physical violence will never become necessary. We confront an intellectually impotent enemy who prides itself on its ignorance. Muhammad himself used his ignorance to insist he was too stupid to have created a religion from whole cloth. In this, at least, he was correct. Evidence is the Prophet of Islam formed his religion by plagiarism from Jews and various Christian sects in the area. Of consequence, we are not faced with rocket science here. We stand against ignorance by choice and it is only required of us to hold truth and intelligence as our banner. It bears repeating, should we fail to achieve intellectual victory, not all the guns and bombs in the world can put things to right!

The reason we must not target Muslims themselves is that we are at war with a failed amoral code and not with a people. Muslims themselves can be our best friends in this war. Most practicing Muslims are born to the faith and brought up in it. They can tell us basics of the belief we could never learn for ourselves. The Doctor Tawfik Hamid referred to above was brought up Muslim and understands that religion. He is now on a crusade to tell the West how to defeat this degenerate behavioral code. Make no mistake. Islam can be defanged and brought as a positive force into the present world. All religions have dark shadows in their past just as humanity came up from brute savagery. Our mission is to delegitimatize the subhuman aspects of Islam and make of the religion a positive force in the life of those who practice it.

The second thing we must not do is depend on our leaders to defend us. They have already shown their incompetence and forfeited any right to their claim to serve our best interests or the interests of this nation! There was a time I wanted to support the Administration in Washington as our President made some of the correct noises and appeared to move in the required direction. It soon became obvious politicians continue to be politicians with all the worse that implies, more interested in padding their own bank accounts and purchasing votes by sleaze and fraud than in defending the United States from enemies both foreign and domestic. Politicians are not only useless, they are irrelevant! Our allies are family, friends, neighbors and those we meet on the job. First learn for yourself, then educate those about you to your knowledge, and the politicians, useless as they are, will fall into line. Politicians as a class are mostly no account, but they generally keep one finger in the wind and they are past masters of jumping to the front of the parade once they discover the direction in which the people are marching.

The plan of action.

We must win this war by our own power and with our own intelligence. We must win one on one confrontation! We shall need to learn the truth of the enemy. We are not at war with men. We are at war with a failed and bankrupt code of conduct! It may appear a contradiction to characterize a religion and political system that is embraced by something like one fourth of the population of the world, that is to say it is claimed one in every four humans on this earth profess their loyalty to Islam, but you can observe the parts of this planet infected with Islam where filth, ignorance, disease and hopelessness are the norm and Islam is by any rational judgement a failed code of conduct!

Many consider education a tedious business. Getting smarter is such a boring process. Better the call to grab a gun and shoot someone! But this war is indeed a matter of intelligence and the stakes are incredibly high. If we forfeit this war, civilization will fail by default and we will have condemned the greatest nation ever created to a rule by savages who openly proclaim their infatuation with the ignorance and fetid barbarism of the fourteenth century. Surrender by default to the intimidation of the mullahs of Islam and you condemn your precious daughters to a life as sexual toys of dirty old men who never learned to shave. Give up on civilization without a fight and you condemn your sons to a life of ignorance wherein memorizing the Qu'ran word for word is the ultimate of higher education. Abandon Western culture and you condemn future generations to a life that most compares to the European Dark Ages or the Middle East today without the moderating influence of Western technology. To oppose the advance of Islam requires you know what you are fighting and demands you know what you are defending

Information is easily available in libraries and on the internet. There are any number of sources of information provided by those hostile to Islam including Women's Rights groups that provide written admonitions from the Ayatollah Khomeini, Islamic spiritual and revolutionary leader of Iran, regarding marriage of young females "...even if the girl is still a baby being breastfed." The man is advised to refrain from proper intercourse with the child until she is nine years of age (but should he give in to his lusts and enter her before the nine year age requirement, it is no big deal.) ,but all other uses of her as a sex toy, including sodomy, are acceptable. This from a man the Muslims consider so in tune with Allah he was spared death and ascended directly to paradise to enjoy personal association with the god of Islam. There are sources for the advancement of Islam through Europe and the descent of European civilization toward rule by Sharia law, news you will not get from the main stream media because many journalists are so enamoured of the European socialist state they prefer to not see problems and consider descent of the Islamic Veil over Europe simply minor road bumps on the path to the perfect socialist state. Sources of information are numerous and not difficult to locate.

While it is convenient to go to sources hostile to Islam for your education, I have found the pro-Islamic sources most enlightening. These are Islamic positive sources putting the best face on Islam for the purpose of converting the infidel to the "one true faith". One source of information slanted definitely to favor Islam is the CAIR site on the internet. CAIR is the Council on American-Islamic Relations and their web site is part of their public relations front. This is the organization on record as proclaiming, "Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faiths, but to become dominant. The Qu’ran....should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth" The fact is, people do not lie. Adolf Hitler told the world exactly what he planned to do in his book Mein Kampf and most people preferred not to listen. Today Muslim fanatics are telling us exactly what they have planned for our future. This time, we had best listen to them!

Another web site that is most enlightening is which is a site proclaiming the virtues of a world paradise ruled by Muslims. As I said, you can learn a lot about the enemy by observing what he chooses to tell you about himself, how he makes his presentation, and what he chooses to not tell you. The future Caliphate is not that far removed from your standard garden variety socialist state of which present day Europe is one step away. It is the same as the liberal Democratic agenda in the United States. The added feature is the neighborhood morality police provided to make certain everyone steps up to Islamic moral standards. There is no street crime, neighborhoods are safe, liquor is forbidden to the faithful, and women are protected which is to say they are prisoners in their own homes, forbidden to leave without husband or male relative to "protect" them. One is tempted to ask why women should require "protection" if the streets are so safe. That issue is not addressed. There is some complaining on the site regarding Western concerns about "alleged" Muslim treatment of women. Such concerns are passed off as ignorant misunderstanding by the West of the principles of Islam reinforced by female turncoats who have abandoned Islam and are spreading lies in the West with the sole purpose of selling their books and securing lucrative movie deals by their defamation of the condition of Muslim women. It's a wicked conspiracy to discredit the Religion of Peace!

In defense of the state of Muslim women, it is suggested the true conditions under which Muslim women enjoy a wonderful life can be understood if Westerners would only listen to women of the true faith who enjoy the benefits of Muslim protection. Muslim women will fascinate you with true stories of the rapture enjoyed by "protected" Muslim women. I am reminded of arguments in defense of slavery on the old pre-civil war South. It was explained in all sincerity that slavery was the proper state for the black man. He was under white "protection". Manufactured problems of the system of legalized slavery were created by outsiders for the purpose of wrecking the Southern economy. If you asked a black slave, he could tell you slavery was a fine system and he enjoyed his life under his enlightened white master. Certainly a black slave would repeat the proper lines as he had been instructed. Woe be unto him back on the plantation if he suggested any lack of content with his slavery status. In fact, there is a certain security in slavery. There is no need to be concerned with food or clothing or shelter and life can be endurable if you are lucky to have a kind master. Some Southern slaves historically remained with their white masters after they were set free by the war. But no matter how secure is the life of a slave, such a life lacks one single virtue. It lacks freedom to make your own choices and to live by them. Certainly there are Muslim women who embrace the "protected" life demanded by the Qu'ran. They have experience with no other and the prospect of freedom is frightening. But these are women who have no defense against the brutality of their "protector" and no defense from their daughters being sold off as sex toys for filthy old men. To insist Muslim women embrace the life of a "protected" commodity does not change the condition from the fact Muslim female protection is slavery!

If you are to understand properly what these pro-Islamic sites are telling you, you must go there with the proper frame of mind, knowing your convictions, and not allowing yourself to fall prey to flowery arrangements of words and vague promises that are made to sound non-threatening, but are in fact meaningless. If you do so, you will find nothing indicts Islam so absolutely as words from the very source of the evil itself, an evil so blatant and unapologetically vicious it should make Satan himself blush from shame!

I might give a specific listing of sources to ease your search for the truth about Islam, but it would be, by definition, my listing of sources of information and would, of consequence, support my bias. You might then come to wonder if my critical evaluation of Islam were based upon flawed information. Best you should find your own fountains of information. They are not difficult to locate and, once you have looked them over, you can decide for yourself about the squalid petrification that is Islam and you will be more secure in your convictions that had you simply taken information spoon fed from me. There is enough information on this site to start you off in your search for knowledge and for a defense against this supremely evil code of conduct.

Muslims you encounter, many of them good and wonderful people, will question your convictions as they fly in opposition to the accepted belief in Islam as the Religion of Peace and Tolerance. There will be those that will scream in anger that you would even consider standing strong for what you know is right in the face of the politically correct assertion that Islam is the recognized benchmark of an enlightened and peaceful religion with no thought of converting the free world into the snake pit that is the Middle East. They will ridicule you and try to intimidate you as you stand for what you know is true because truth is the vilest poison to a campaign of fraud. They will attempt to cause you to doubt the convictions of your own mind. They will demand you surrender without a fight! They will insist you roll over and become a carpet for their parade! In the manner of the afore mentioned child with the temper tantrum screaming his demands, an offended believer may call you vile names such as racist or a disciple of hate. This is in no wise different from a frustrated child screaming in a fit that she hates the parent because the parent has better knowledge than to agree to the child following a self destructive path. The irrational offended Muslim attempting to intimidate you is using identical tactics as the wayward child. It is to your interests and to the interests of your future to not allow the irrational to affect your knowledge of the truth and to walk away from your abusive opponent.

You might remember one Oscar van den Boogaard, a writer from the Belgian paper De Standaard. He is a Dutch gay "humanist" (which is pretty much the trifecta of Eurocool) and was reflecting on the accelerating Islamification of the Continent and concluding the jig was up for the Europe he loved. "I am not a warrior, but who is?" he shrugged. "I have never learned to fight for my freedom. I was only good at enjoying it."

I am, myself, neither a warrior. (Nor, for that matter, do I happen to be gay.) There are things I had rather be about. But when a subhuman thug points a gun at my head and says he has every intention of pulling the trigger, I take the son of a bitch damned serious. And the thug with the gun had best be about making his threat turn to reality on the fast track or I am going to take him out. I prefer peace by a long shot, but I have no interest in allowing my future to ride on the dubious good will of homicidal fanatics! The only effective and most efficient method of taking out the evil of Islam is arming yourself with the knowledge of truth. The bin Ladens and the al-Qaidas and the mullahs have given us the key to their defeat by demonstrating to us their fear of the truth. Osama bin Laden, in his famous interview in which he bragged Somalia demonstrated to the Muslim world America is a paper tiger that could be brought down with a long war of attrition also famously whined the Great Satan (The United States) has stolen the oil wealth of the Arabs. Osama bin Laden is a coward and a fool! Before the Western oil men came to Arabia, oil was pollution that ruined the water and made the land go bad. Oil was worthless as sand and the Arabs had too much of both!

Now the West has shown the sheiks what can be done with oil and given to them untold billions in windfall profits, money they required only the effort to lift a pen and scrawl ink on a contract to obtain, and what have the Arabs done with all that money? (Money without which, incidentally, bin Laden and his family would still be filthy nomadic goat herders stumbling around lost in the desert) But for a few areas of absurdly over the top conspicuous consumption concentrated for the most part on the royal family and hangers on, Arabia remains the ignorant and filthy disease ridden pest hole it was at the time of the self designed Prophet and his step-and-fetch god. The West has done everything to improve Middle Eastern standards of living except wipe their filthy asses for them and they still remain the same cultural wasteland they were at the time of Alexander, the Great. The only contribution the Middle East has made to world civilization is the indiscriminate murderer who kills as a guaranteed one way first class ticket to the Islam afterlife paradise, best described as a cheap and tacky brothel where the guest of honor passes eternity fucking forever renewable "virgins". This is not so much paradise of the afterlife as it is a sexually repressed adolescent's wet dream! This Muslim contribution to world culture, the homicidal fanatic who skulks in caves, hides behind women's skirts and young children, shoots in the back from ambush the Muslims call a martyr! We of the West also have from time to time a few specimens of the same sort only we don't call them martyrs. We more properly call them spineless and craven lily livered cowards!

Know then the enemy is not a demonic foe to inspire terror in his victim as he loves to imagine himself. He is a maggot fearing the sunlight of truth, burrowing deeper into the dank caves of deception. His apologists demand a respect neither he nor they deserve. Don't ask and don't tell is their requirement. To a man, they shrivel before the bright light of searching inquiry. Political correctness is their defense and their shield. Objective examination is the sword they fear and the Waterloo they, to a man, dread. Don't question us! Don't confront us with the true facts of our actions and of our purpose, they whine in unison. Any revelation of their subversive agenda is "hate speech". These are subversives who can only achieve their squalid objectives by hiding under a cloak of silence and secrecy.

The New Age appeasers who preach constantly the virtues of the politically correct are the self blinded walking irresponsibly into a snake pit praying to avert reality and hoping if they fail to recognize the existence of the snakes, they will escape the bite. They should remember the story of the girl who found the poisonous snake in the snow and ice. The snake was of a pretty hue and she was moved to charity so she took it home and ministered to it until the snake recovered. In joy, she picked up the snake and held it to her breast, stroking its head with affection. The snake promptly bit her!

"Oh!" cried the girl. "You have killed me with your bite, and after I saved your life!"

"Did you not know?" was the reply. "I am a snake."

The politically correct appeasers should learn political correctness irritates your friends and fails to convert your enemies. Stripped to essentials, political correctness is at core nothing short of bald faced censorship, pure and simple! In the final analysis, we do the Muslim no favors by accepting his fantasies. A child's welfare is not advanced by feeding him the steady diet of sweets he demands and the mentally deranged are in no wise properly served by giving support to their irrational fantasies. The welfare of Muslims is not advanced if, by default, we give Western civilization over to Muslim tyrants and allow them their way in the same manner the best interests of a three year old who screams for control of the steering wheel of a speeding automobile are not advanced if we grant his absurd demands.

Our Western civilization, even with obvious failings, is the greatest achievement the mind of man has ever created. Surrendering it to brute savages who have no concept of any ethics beyond that of the desert bedouin is a crime for which there can properly be no forgiveness!

Remember to keep your powder dry,