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Political Hacks And Aristocracy


There was a lady interviewed by National Public Radio the other day who was just beside herself with excitement. She's been studying and researching the politicians campaigning for president the past several months and she's having a difficult time in deciding who she is going to vote for.

Excuse me. Shouldn't this woman get a life?

Apparently she is cursed with an overabundance of leisure time with which to waste keeping abreast of the antics of a party stooge, the son of a political hack, and the various second rate wannabe chasers who insist they are running for president of the United States.

Who are these clowns anyway, and does anybody care? Who are the two "front-runners" and how did they become "front-runners"? Until a couple of days ago, nobody had cast a single vote for any of these brain dead idiots. Now, as I type this, of course a handful of the party fanatics in Iowa have run a popularity contest and have anointed the "front-runners" as indeed "front-runners" to absolutely no one's shock or surprise. This was a contest of sorts that, if held in a third world country, would have been condemned as ripe for corruption and influence peddling. In the "bad old days" of the Evil Empire known as the Soviet Union, it's the sort of thing that was routine procedure and that the "enlightened politicians" in Washington denounced as a totalitarian dictatorship trampling the people's right to freely choose their leaders. However, since this caucus was held in Iowa and not the bad old Soviet Union, it's a wonderful example of true democracy at work.

Do we really need this?

Politics has always been a haven for thugs and butchers. Early on in this country, a man was elected to office depending upon how many American Indians he had slaughtered. Andrew Jackson was elected over his rival because Jackson had exterminated entire Indian tribes, while his opponent had been less successful. For years after the path to the White House required the candidate kill a bunch of Indians. Sometimes, when the native population refused to cooperate, the campaign backfired. See Custer at Little Big Horn. But that's another topic.

With the supply of Indians running low, seekers of the country's highest office were reduced to killing foreigners. Getting to the White House by being a war hero was all the rage. Then the quality of the wars this country became involved in took a sharp dive and being a war hero was no longer so cool. Now we have come to the place where only the specialized elite are considered for office while all us "ordinary Americans" are relegated to tax slave status, our only useful function to finance the exorbitant schemes of the political aristocracy.

We now have the absurd spectacle of two self proclaimed "front-runners", one the designated heir to the bimbo chasing liar now residing in the White House and the other the picked son of another politically aristocratic family. All the follow-up wannabes are from the political elite. King Louis XIV and his divine right reign would discover himself right at home.

To further reserve the rule of the elite to those who are born to the manor, there's much talk advocating "campaign finance reform". It's a vague sounding slogan that actually means locking in access to the reins of power and financing the farce with more tax dollars. Don't kid yourself that any politician is going to advocate a process that might put his position at risk. "Campaign finance reform" means securing the field to the specialized elite and making certain no "un-serious candidates" get invited to the party. Translated this means no more Jesse Venturas or Donald Trumps. (Which doesn't look like a bad idea on the face of it, but maybe the voters should have a chance to make their own choices rather than having the decisions made for them.)

The decision most voters make today is they choose not to play the politicians' game. On election day they go to the beach or find other worthwhile ways of passing their time. The politicians recoil in horror! These slackers are failing to do their patriotic duty. They are not good citizens. Faced with the obvious response of potential voter in pointing out the obvious subhuman character of those demanding votes and support, the politician inevitably responds those who neglect to vote are giving support to the bad candidate. That is to say, "I may be pond scum but my opposing number is so much worse and he will do horrible things to you if he gets into office." The standard political procedure based upon threats and intimidation.

Could be it's time to call the politicians' bluff. Whatever the politician's agenda, the thing he fears most, the thing that turns him pale with terror is the potential of being ignored. The thing from which politicians run screaming in blind panic is the possibility he is of no consequence, that we don't need him.

What would happen if they gave an election and no one came?

In ever more absurd and irrelevant election year campaigns, maybe we should just sit this one out.