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Ignite your imagination TODAY for only $9.95!

Now in our third year posting a new free Tandra sci-fi fantasy page each Sunday for your enjoyment, Tandra continues to set the benchmark for high adventure in the first part of the twenty-first century. Widely recognized for its uncompromising point of view, the memorable characterization and our contemporary plot structure, Tandra has been called the best sci-fi fantasy adventure currently available from any media.

While new Tandra pages are free for viewing and download and each page remains available the week of posting, many of you will be interested to see the Tandra back story which is exclusively available to Members of the Tandra Brigade in the Tandra Members? Area. There Brigade Members have full access to the complete Tandra Weekly Release story cycle available in popular jpeg format and also in high quality pdf files. All pdf files are viewable with Adobe Acrobat Reader which comes standard with most computers and is also available free from the Adobe web site. You cannot see Tandra to best advantage unless you view the pages in pdf!

In addition to the Tandra weekly pages in the Members? Section, you have access to hundreds of files from the first pages ever published starting with plate number one. Here you can see how the Tandra Saga began and relive the initial adventures in full colour jpeg and pdf formats. More pages are archived as time allows for the adding of colour to pages that originally appeared in monocolour only.

So why wait?

Membership to the Tandra Brigade is only $9.95 per the twelve month year with full access to the Tandra Backlog and to each new Sunday Page as it comes on line in your choice of jpeg or pdf. At $9.95, it?s today?s best bargain!