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Created on 03/10/2015
by Hanther

Bibi is a warrior and will never find peace in the Middle East. Like the NeoCons here at home he is always just one bomb away from victory.  Knowing his positions to be “right” he will never compromise and since this leaves no common ground, all ground becomes bloody. He is faced with foes, and Iran is not one of them that matters regardless of the rhetoric, as intransigent as himself, for they have no choice, since he gives them none. Speaking of Iran, the rhetoric Bibi is using is the same, verbatim sometimes, that he used with Saddam.  You can see how well that worked out for him and us.

Intransigence in our foes is the epitome of evil, intransigence in our friends is the height of nobility.

How about another 70 years of terror and war for this is all Bibi has to offer. 

On another note. Roe vs Wade was 1973. Obama was 12 years old. What exactly would you like him to do about it? The American people have to decide the issue, evidently though a constitutional amendment. I don’t see one in the offing. So instead we have a slew of piecemeal restrictions that overwhelming effect the poor and seriously impinge their healthcare (over 90% of Planned Parenthoods budget by the way) so that the babies they are now having are more likely to have health problems, not even counting the higher likely hood of being born into poverty and all the problems that entails.

Not exactly my idea of a good plan. What else have you got?

We can never go any further on abortion since you see it as Auschwitz and I see it as a choice between a woman and her doctor.  It is a moral decision and being so there is nothing to discuss or compromise with.

Now if you want to bloody Obamas hands let’s talk drones…

-Fred from Denver

Thanks for weighing in on the issues.