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Conspiracy Theory


Created on 04/07/2015
by hanther

Big Oil, having failed to sustain or re-inflate high prices by creating ISIS, is now playing the leading role in the Bomb Iran Movement, again hoping to recoup lost profits from the “slump”. They fear Iran so much, and the agreement worked out by the West, because they know after years of sanctions Iran is sitting on a glut of oil, just waiting to hit the markets, which could keep oil prices down for a decade, and is why the hardliners in Iran have even allowed this deal to go forward. Exxon/Mobil can see the writing on the wall and along with their cronies the Koch Brothers are pumping BIG money into the Aging White Guy Organizations (pick the flavor of TEA of your choice) across the land beating the War Drums while also kindling the dormant fires of the White Supremacy Movement to aid in the cacophony.   
In their quest for profit and control through crony capitalism they are using their surrogates (Rushy-boy for one) and delusional dupes (your Pam Geller for one among many others) in a brashly open attempt to maintain and gain even further subjugation of the American People in the creation of their Oil-garchy.
And all the while Freedom, your freedom by the way, is being trampled underfoot and we are becoming little more than besotted slaves of the Big C, which is the Big Capitalism of OIL, BANKING and BILLIONAIRES.
I give you now a view of your competition Michael Savage:
“The white man is a quiet man and a peaceful man,” Savage said, “and right now the white man is very, very quiet, and very, very peaceful, and like many dictators before him, Barack Obama thinks the white man will remain quiet and subdued forever. Hitler made that mistake; Hitler boasted that his supermen, his Hitler Youth, would easily wipe the floor with the GI Joes that were being sent over…. But it was the white man who defeated Superman in World War II. Let me tell you something else, you push the white man only so far, you’re going to have a reaction like you've never seen.”
Savage added that Obama, whom he called a “lunatic” who hates America, is “flooding America with illegal aliens” and pushing for the Iranian nuclear negotiations to irritate and incite white people into a revolution.
You are doing well, but the competition keeps raising the bar, although I’m pretty sure that Hitler and the German People are classed as white, which would make them quiet and peaceful. I think his alleged allegory would have been better had he used the Japanese, but all the Winger Dupes love to throw the name Hitler around, Tojo just doesn’t have the same hot-button punch.
Like the poor Southern Boys who were deluded into supporting (with their lives by the way) the Oligarchy of Slavery and the Plantation Owners, their intellectual descendants and still being led down the Garden Path of self-enforced Servitude which they have been indoctrinated to mistake as Freedom. 

Jack in Chicago

Thank you Jack for the most enjoyable E-mail I have received this year. I actually fell out on the floor laughing. Thankfully I was not drinking tea when I opened your note, otherwise I might have sprayed liquid all over my keyboard again. Thanks again for your contribution. Have a great day. Always glad to hear from you,