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He is David Galon.

In Biloxi MS he tore a hole in a wall and climbed through to emerge on Tandra, a world half way across the galaxy. Once there, he made a reputation for himself by defying the ruling authority to construct a motor driven flying machine which he named the “Iron Cloud”, then by sinking the island retreat of a sect that had stolen the woman he loved. After which Galon carved his reputation in stone by confronting and standing against the masters of the dread Wizard Ring, an artifact that hung in space and circled Tandra itself.

Experience here, for free, a classic adventure from Earthian Galon’s early years, then become a Tandra Brigade member, at the bargain price of $9.95, and secure access to the first Tandra adventures, available to Members only, and also the current exploits archived from the weekly on line posts wherein David Galon, returned from death, defies the gods themselves to defend and preserve our universe against the ultimate evil.

Experience for yourself “Quest For The Iron Cloud”, the tale one critic called “the best graphic story adventure ever”, and then become a Tandra Brigade Member for full access to the rest of the story for only $9.95.

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