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Exhibit 1: Is Paris Burning


Adam Johnson:

One CIA (report) puts ISIS’ total manpower at 31,500, about one-third the capacity of (the) Rose Bowl stadium, or roughly, 0.0019% of the world’s total Muslim population when rounding down to 1.6 billion. The idea that the remaining 1,599,965,000 Muslims ought to jump on Twitter and condemn ISIS isn’t just silly, it’s a definition of prejudice. But here we are. Another attack, another round of people calling on “moderate” Muslims to condemn something they had nothing to do with. Or as Mohamed Ghilan tweeted last year, “Asking me to condemn the obviously condemnable presumes my basic moral code is in question. I refuse to take part in this.”

Museum Note: 4.7 Million Muslims in France, 8 home grown attackers, and per Mr. Ghilan’s statement above we won’t expect the “moderate” Pro-birthers to publicly condemn the actions of a lone extremist in Colorado Springs.

Confusing refugees with terrorists is morally unacceptable and, as a matter of strategy, misguided. Stemming the exodus of refugees from Syria must be an important part of any comprehensive plan to end the Syrian war. Building new barriers to keep them out with the absurd argument that Muslims are inherently dangerous could provide propaganda benefits to the Islamic State. The group, also known as ISIS, has drawn recruits around the globe by offering a cause and a home to Muslims who feel marginalized and scorned.

Aurelian Mondon:

To prevent such appropriations and long-term consequences, it is crucial not to jump to simplistic conclusions – as happened after 9/11, an event that has already been invoked many times. This would be playing right into the hands of the terrorists themselves. A war of civilizations is the very fantasy IS and its ilk are trying to construct. They seek to enshrine divisions between an imagined “us” in the West, standing together for a loosely defined version of democracy, and “them”, attempting to appear (as) a united force in an area torn apart by years of war.

Exhibit 2: The S.S. St. Louis

As for the Syrian refugee situation and isolating them, George Takei pretty much summed it up; We give you his Third Point in his post about Syria and the Japanese interment:

3) If you are attempting to compare the actual threat of harm from the 120,000 of us who were interned then to the Syrian situation now, the simple answer is this: There was no threat. We loved America. We were decent, honest, hard-working folks. Tens of thousands of lives were ruined, over nothing.

The full statement is easy to find on the internet, and well worth reading.

Lois Kazakoff:

For his part, President Obama is staying the course on the administration plan to admit 10,000 refugees in 2016. As he should. The refugees are themselves fleeing the Islamic State. Denying victims of war a haven turns them into the enemy and, as President Obama said, “betrays our values.” It also helps ISIS for this is what they want.

Don Marquis:

An idea is not responsible for the people who believe in it.

The Museum

Nor is a theism. Christianity was not responsible for the Inquisition, but it was used, abused is actually the right word, as its justification. It was also used in the US to justify Slavery in our recent past, Segregation in our lifetime, and Homophobia, among other things, now.

Exhibit 3: The Trump Phenomenon

The GOP won 47.5% of the Vote in 2012, Trump is now polling around 25% of that GOP vote. This means the Phenomenal Trump is connecting with around 12% of the total voting population. Obviously there is a big rounding margin in nominal numbers like this, but even being wildly generous 2 out of every 10 voters are channeling their inner Trump. Bernie Sanders is doing as well, actually better mathematically (17%), but somehow he and his views are not a phenomenon. Media makes a Phenomenon, Policy makes a President.



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