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Bombing Agrabah


First exhibit: Climate change

The vastness of the climate change hoax is staggering, as 196 nations have been bullied into signing the Paris Accords, including North Korea!, by Al Gore and his Liberal/Hippie minions. Having enlisted the conspiratorial efforts of well over 90% of the worlds so called climate scientist, who’s only credentials are  lifelong study at Liberal universities, and of course field work funded by those same tainted facilities, they have hoodwinked and brow-beat all these governments into compliance, as the first step to a U.N. dominated One World Government. The next step on this Extreme Environmental Political agenda is the confiscation of all firearms, followed by the banning of all religions except Islam whose deep pockets fund this so called “climate science” in the first place. The New World Order the Paris agreement sets up is in fact the Whole World Caliphate, ruled by the Leaders of the emerging Chrislam Religion that will use ISIS as their “Police” enforcers. sums it up also (the highlights)

The Man Made Global Warming Hoax Part Deux

Can you believe it?  The world is going to hell in a hand basket and our tone-deaf leaders are worried about man-made global warming.  They are so worried that after terrorists turn the streets red with innocent blood more than one hundred of them fly in private jets to ride in long limousines to a summit in Paris vowing to make a statement that will rebuke the terrorists. The way it looks now these leaders of the blind will be sitting in the middle of a snow storm debating how to slow man-made global warming .0001 degree by destroying modern civilization when the mushroom clouds of the Mullahs are rising over American cities.

All the Paris Summit is really about is passing a worldwide carbon tax.  This tax is meant to penalize the West for creating the modern world and transfer the money to 3rd world tyrants who loot their own countries and are salivating at the chance to loot ours.

All of this is nothing but a naked power grab based on a consensus among government scientists, the desire of Progressives for total power and the inattention of low-information voters.  The truth is that global carbon emissions have stalled for the past two years and no global warming has taken place for more than 18 years.  None of this was predicted by any of the Global warming hysteria mongers.

You can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time and apparently you can fool enough people for long enough to destroy a modern technological civilization with junk science, cartoonish documentaries, discredited charts and hypocrites in nice suits. Wake up America before we freeze to death in the dark.

Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion. 

Now those are Real climate science credentials, not these so-called experts who’s PHDs in the earth sciences are given on a basis of compliance with the accepted climate change orthodoxy, and are faking the findings of their field work to fit these pre-conceived “facts”.  

Second Exhibit: Epic Failure

The first part of the First Exhibit was written as a satire, which when you send it to someone is now called trolling, but in the interest of history the Museum thought they’d add some quotes from real RedState posts, only to discover that our satire actually had pretty mainstream thoughts on the subject at that website. We apologize for not offending anyone.

Third Exhibit:

If the unusual cold weather last year disproved global warming, does the unusual warm weather this year prove it? Only if you confuse weather (what it is doing outside today) with climate (what the weather does as a mean tracked over years). Using the super El Nino year of 1998 as a base, like Dr. Owens likes to do (now number 4 of the hottest years ever recorded) the other nine warmest years on record have been since then. The El Nino year just past will likely be the warmest ever. Think of climate as rolling a die. In a static system a roll of 1 or 2 will be cooler than average, a roll of 3 or 4 will be average and a roll of 5 or 6 will be warmer. In a warming environment the odds change. A roll of 1 will be cooler, a roll of 2 or 3 will be average, and a roll of 4, 5 or 6 will be warmer. When half the years in an 18 year span are making the Top Ten there is something going on. To the world’s credit CO2 emissions have leveled out the past two years. This doesn’t mean we are not still flooding the atmosphere with CO2, it just means we are not accelerating our rate of doing so (for now). 1998 about 360ppm, 2015 400ppm and climbing.

Now the earth has been this warm before and has had this concentration of CO2 also. However,

”Scientists have used a wide range of approaches to answer the question of how much warming will result from a doubling of the carbon dioxide concentration, a level that we are on an emissions path to reach during the second half of the 21st century. The estimates of global warming once the oceans have a chance to warm tend to cluster around roughly 3ºC (~5.5ºF), with the range being about +/-50% around this central value. While 3ºC warming may not seem like much, that much warming would bring us about halfway to the global average temperature prevailing when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and palm trees grew near the poles. And recall that 3ºC cooling would bring us about halfway to the temperature experienced during the last glacial maximum when ice sheets more than a mile deep covered much of North America. Temperature variations of this size may seem modest when they occur in only a region for only a short time, but when the whole world responds in this way for years to centuries and beyond will be catastrophic for the environment and society.

Drawing from reconstructions since the peak of the Last Glacial Maximum 20,000 years ago, sea level rose 20 meters (about 65 feet) for each one degree C increase in global average temperature. If one only looks ahead a couple of decades, maybe sea level rise can be managed in most locations. But with three out of four of the world’s major cities built on coastlines just above sea level,…”
Final Exhibit: why you don’t let Polls determine Public Policy
30 Percent

That’s the percentage of respondents to a Public Policy Polling survey of 503 GOP primary voters who said they supported bombing Agrabah. That is, for what it’s worth, the country from Disney’s “Aladdin.” [Public Policy Polling]



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