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Muscogee Kid


Hanther, I've read most of your "books" (at least through book 9c) and my conclusion is that you are a fairly gifted artist if one appreciates 70's era sword and sorcery material.  But as a writer you are an absolute hack.  Your books are filled with your person ranting about Objectivism and any other subject you have a beef about and for some reason you choose to deliver a lot of it as bulky exposition.  It reads kind of like that crazy uncle that people try not to provoke by mentioning the word "politics".  Good writers inject their own politics into their work, but they do it in a subtle way and don't allow those opinions to overwhelm the material.  Your stories are good up to a point, but then it becomes clear that the characters' are actually just you masquerading as other people.  And that's clearly the case when one reads your opinion pieces.  This is probably why your work has never been taken seriously.


Thank you for writing. We always appreciate well thought and concise comments from our fans. But one thing puzzles us; do you like Hanther's writing or do you not? Don't be hesitant, ZB. You are among friends here. You can speak right up and let us know how you really feel. Have a great day