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Creation Ex Nihilo


This month the Museum looks at Creation Ex Nihilo and the beginnings of our known universe.

Exhibit One:

In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth. And the Earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. 

The first seconds of the Big Bang, the name made up by its critics by the way, not it proponents, Ex Nihilo (Out of nothing) creation. This is a super-hot, 100 nonillion (1032) Kelvin plasma beyond the realm of our “known” physics. Then comes cosmic inflation. The universe expands faster than the speed of light growing less dense and cooling off, and as it does so the physics we know begins to work. And in that vast plasma a wave, in effect a sound wave, the sound of the Big Bang if you will for we like our explosions to have sound here on earth and in especially in Hollywood, passes through the mix.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

The word of God gives “structure” to the perfection that is this plasma, and that “texture” is the beginning of the universe we know, full of stars and galaxies and wonders beyond the ken of man.

Exhibit Two: John Wisdom

"Two people return to their long neglected garden and find, among the weeds, that a few of the old plants are surprisingly vigorous. One says to the other, 'It must be that a gardener has been coming and doing something about these weeds.' The other disagrees and an argument ensues. They pitch their tents and set a watch. No gardener is ever seen. The believer wonders if there is an invisible gardener, so they patrol with bloodhounds but the bloodhounds never give a cry. Yet the believer remains unconvinced, and insists that the gardener is invisible, has no scent and gives no sound. The skeptic doesn't agree, and asks how a so-called invisible, intangible, elusive gardener differs from an imaginary gardener, or even no gardener at all."

This is a canny construction, because it dramatizes an abstraction and because skeptic and believer can take equal solace in it: for the skeptic, the non-appearing God is obviously unbelievable; for the believer, an invisible God is by no means a nonexistent one.

Science is an attempt to explain the known, and therefore by inference the knowable, of the universe we live in. Science has just barely scratched the surface, as Dark Energy shows us. Theology is an attempt to explain the unknowable, that which is beyond the universe we live in. The two cannot ever be in conflict for at no point do they intersect, for there is no common ground, metaphysical or otherwise. Only by the corruption of science and/or religion into Science-ism can the two come into conflict.

A Richard Dawkins for instance converts science into science-ism by the assertion that there is no unknowable, and that if it cannot be verified to exist in our universe it therefore cannot be. But this is a rather bold position seeing how there is so much we do not know about our universe, much more than we know. And string theory even postulates multi-dimensions of space/time of which we only perceive, and indeed are only capable of perceiving a few. A two dimensional being would not be able to conceive of a three dimensional one, and if they were to meet it would only be aware of it as a two-dimensional cross-section of its universe, and would have no way to know that it extends beyond its understanding or verification.

A Franklin Graham on the other hand converts religion into science-ism, by trying to explain the knowable universe with the unknowable. If we can perceive it than we can know it, and science is our tool for that job. To say that there is a divine answer to a known physical phenomena is to say that we can know the unknowable, and diminishes not only our scientific knowledge, but our concept of God as well, reducing the divine to the profane. Creating a universe at 100 nonillion degrees sounds like the work of God to the museum, burning ones finger on a hot pan is physics. Dark energy is a vast unknown, perhaps unknowable and if so can be divine, but its effect, pushing the universe apart faster and faster is a physically know fact.

This doesn’t mean the unknowable cannot make itself known, what it does mean is that when science discovers something; the accent of man, evolution, the age of the Earth, indeed the age of the Universe; it was MEANT to be known.

The Museum Gift Shop:

“Why Believe” by John Cottingham

“The First Three Minutes: A Modern View Of The Origin Of The Universe” by Steven Weinberg
And just for fun, Joy William’s “Ninety-nine Stories of God”This is government on a whole different level.



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