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Takeaways From The Election


The Election Special

The Museumís Takeaways from the Election:

Losers: Poll aggregators found out they are really no better than the polls they are working with. The polls ended up about 4 points off when aggregated, so the vision they gave of a Clinton win were, as they all found out, skewed on a State by State basis, although the overall was closer.

Big Pole Winner: LA Times/USC poll, called an outlier all of the election season, but they were closer to the drift, posting as the Museum recalls a 4 point Trump advantage at the end. He outperformed the other polls by that amount in Key electoral states. However they were getting their sample they were doing it closer to right, but like all polls they were also doing it wrong since Clinton is going to end up with over a 2% winning margin in the popular vote.

Losers: Pollster. Looks like their methods need to be revised. Pretty much down the line, Right, Left, Indifferent, they miscalled this one. (See the exception above) Of course this is why they put margins of error in the findings, they know this is not a true science, just an educated guess. As one responded to how their numbers got off, ìwe asked people how they were going to vote.î

Winner: Rural America; the last two elections had been won by Urban America. In George Lucas terms, this is their revenge. They came out and voted BIG TIME. Take that you City Slickers. Of course the infrastructure and the demographics are not there for a return to the 1950s, but if you perceive yourself as being left behind there is no reason to vote for the status quo.

Winners: Putin and Assange wanted and worked for this, now weíll see if they like it.

Loser: Rigged elections conspiracy theories. Why would you blow this one if you had the wherewithal to change the earlier results as has been claimed? If you discount alien intervention then you are left with either a very poorly organized conspiracy, or none at all.

Loser: Donald Trump. As of this writing Clinton won the popular vote by at least 2 million votes. However, a vote in Wyoming is worth more than a vote in California. As a country we might want to look into that. What is interesting is that as the population grows we struggle to get people to vote. Vote totals for the last three presidential elections;
2008: 131,313,820
2012: 128,556,837
2016: 133,060 202
But there are two other interesting trends;
Republican Votes: 2008=59,948,323; 2012=60,933,504; 2016=around 62 million
Democratic Votes: 2008=69,498,516; 2012=65,915,795; 2016=around 64 million
So the real Loser here is the Democratic Party and its inability to hold onto its voters.

It also should be noted that this has happened before, in 1876 Samuel Tilden won popular vote by 3% but Rutherford Hayes still became President in an interesting deal with the Electoral College. It must be remembered we appoint our Presidents, they are not elected by popular vote.

Given the turn out we have an Executive Administration supported by about 30% of the eligible voters, only 54% of whom bothered to vote. But is this a bad thing? The Museum sees no problem with elections being determined by those who are interested enough to vote. One gets to cast a vote for oneself and by default for oneís neighbor. This brings to mind what Ben Franklin said about the type of Government the Founders were putting together: ìA Republic, if you can keep it.î

Losers: Those who rail against Political Correctness. It was fine to be anti PC when ranting against the Obama administration, but to rant against the perceived ìwrongsî of the incoming Trump administration is suddenly off limits. It would seem that cries of adhering to a nominal political correctness is only for the winners.

The GOP now controls the three branches of government with a rabid fan base. They will have to deliver the goods or they will pay at the polls.

Finally, The Museum is reminded of the Peisistratos family of tyrants in Athens, not surprisingly called the Peisistratids. A father and his two sons, mostly supported by the poorer population of the city, but ending badly for the final son Hippias who when exiled, by Spartan intervention (itís a long story) acted as a guide to the Persians leading them to Marathon in an attempt to regain power in Athens when the Persians won. Needless to say it didnít work out that way. Does this mean we should be focusing on Trumps children, and not him? This also speaks of marketing and the dressing up a young woman as Athena and riding a chariot into town. Donald is doing nothing new.



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