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They Are Coming for Our Cows


Exhibit One:
I find it revealing when people mock where I came from, and say they are going to send me back to waitressing as if that is bad or shameful.
It’s as though they think being a member of Congress makes you intrinsically better than a waitress.
But our job is to serve, not rule.
— Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) March 8, 2019

The Museum thinks noted Congressman Daniel Webster would agree with that.
Exhibit Two:
Excerpts from Senator Warren on, March 8th.
Today’s big tech companies have too much power — too much power over our economy, our society, and our democracy. They’ve bulldozed competition, used our private information for profit, and tilted the playing field against everyone else. And in the process, they have hurt small businesses and stifled innovation.
But where the value of the company came from its network, reformers recognized that ownership of a network and participating on the network caused a conflict of interest. Instead of nationalizing these industries — as other countries did — Americans in the Progressive Era decided to ensure that these networks would not abuse their power by charging higher prices, offering worse quality, reducing innovation, and favoring some over others. We required a structural separation between the network and other businesses, and also demanded that the network offer fair and non-discriminatory service.
My administration would restore competition to the tech sector by passing legislation that requires large tech platforms to be designated as “Platform Utilities” and broken apart from any participant on that platform.
[…] Amazon Marketplace, Google’s ad exchange, and Google Search would be platform utilities under this law. Therefore, Amazon Marketplace and Basics, and Google’s ad exchange and businesses on the exchange would be split apart. Google Search would have to be spun off as well.
Somewhere Theodore Roosevelt is smiling.
Exhibit Three:
 Eugene Victor Debs (November 5, 1855 – October 20, 1926) was an American socialist, political activist, trade unionist, one of the founding members of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) and five times the candidate of the Socialist Party of America for President of the United States. Through his presidential candidacies as well as his work with labor movements, Debs eventually became one of the best-known socialists living in the United States.
-From the Wiki
It is well to remember where his “radicalism” began. He left school at 14, in 1869, to work cleaning the cars at the Vandalia Railroad. 50 cents a day sounds bad now, but it was a living wage for a youngster at that time. He got a raise when he was promoted to fireman, shoveling coal into the locomotive sixteen hours a day, six days a week. Although he didn’t continue the progression, Firemen, Brakemen and Switchmen, dangerous jobs all, could become Engineers, and Engineers could finally reach the top which were the Conductors who ran the trains. Lower than all of these, even the fourteen year old cleaning the cars, were the Porters. Pullman Porters were almost always black men and at the time ex-slaves who, at the start, were paid nothing except the tips they might earn from the passengers. Every railroad man of the time knew the difference between rich and poor, haves and have-nots, masters and slaves, the riders and the ridden upon. Is it any wonder he founded the American Railway Union which later became the Social Democratic Party?
In 1894, eighteen year old Jennie Curtis rose to address the convention of the American Railway Union. She was a seamstress for the Pullman Company and President of ARU Local 269, known as the “girl’s local.” She became a union activist when she saw that three quarters of her pay check was going to cover company-provided housing. After the Pullman workers had gone on strike, she addressed the 150,000-member ARU to support the 3000 Pullman workers. Moved by her words, the ARU voted to boycott Pullman cars.
-From the UAW International Union Site
     June 26, 2017
Owing your soul to the company store. Curtis, a seamstress at the Pullman Company, was paid ten dollars for two weeks work, out of which she paid Pullman nine dollars for her room and board. You didn’t have to be a Wobblie to see which way the wind was going to blow, although the IWW wasn’t formed until 1905.
Exhibit Four:
Interesting statistics about the Current Socialist Proposed Evils, as Ruben Bolling recently pointed out in his political cartoon, “Tom the Dancing Bug” and we paraphrase:
In the 1950 “Heydays” of American Capitalism we had a humane and expansive system for refuges to apply for asylum in the United States.
The top 1%’s  share of US income was about 10%, but the evil socialists now want to pass laws to try and get it down to around 20%
And most evil of all they want to raise to the Top Tax Rate to “a capitalism crushing” 70%, when it was at 91% in the 1950s.
Yes, the Glory days of Ike are far behind us. The 70% currently proposed rate was the standard from the mid 60’s until 1980s. Kennedy advocated cutting all tax rates 20%, getting away from what he called War Taxing, and the 1964 Tax Act passed during Johnson did that and the top rate was changed to 70%. And so it stayed for Nixon, Ford and Carter.
 Exhibit Five:
Ilhan Omar Congresswoman from Minnesota
     Excerpts from Her OpEd in the Washington Post
I believe in an inclusive foreign policy — one that centers on human rights, justice and peace as the pillars of America’s engagement in the world, one that brings our troops home and truly makes military action a last resort. This is a vision that centers on the experiences of the people directly affected by conflict, that takes into account the long-term effects of U.S. engagement in war and that is sincere about our values regardless of short-term political convenience.
Valuing human rights also means applying the same standards to our friends and our enemies. We do not have the credibility to support those fighting for human rights in Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua if we do not also support those fighting for human rights in Honduras, Guatemala and Brazil. Our criticisms of oppression and regional instability caused by Iran are not legitimate if we do not hold Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain to the same standards.
Let us apply these universal values to all nations. Only then will our world achieve peace.
That sounds like a Libertarian Party platform to the Museum.
The Volatile Mermaid@OhNoSheTwitnt
- Mar 12, 2019
FYI criticizing Israel’s government is not anti-Semitic, but supporting Israel only because you’re waiting for the Rapture to happen so all the Jews burn in Hell is.
At the Exit:
The U.S. trade deficit hit a 10-year high, rising 19 percent in December. The deficit for 2018 was $621 billion. The deficit with China — $419 billion — set an all-time record. Economic growth can help drive a jump in imports, but a higher trade gap can also be a drag on economic growth.
 – The Associated Press
It seems the interesting trade policies and tariffs of the current administration are taking effect.  The Museum wonders if these were the expected results.



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