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Fake News


Exhibit One; Zombie Apocalypse

I went to a caucus and gave a speech to about 3,000 Iowa Republicans.... I then got up to make my pitch, and -- as you may have seen -- it didn't go well. I got booed for saying that our party needed to do some soul-searching. I said the party is going to be a party of old white men unless we become more inclusive. More boos. I said we shouldn't be okay with a president who lies all the time. I said we need a president who's decent, not cruel. I said, you might enjoy Trump's mean tweets, but most people don't. I said we must be better than a president who makes every day about himself. Boos. And more boos. One woman yelled that she loves the president's tweets. The crowd cheered her.

Leaving the caucus that night, I realized once and for all that nobody can beat Trump in a Republican primary. Not just because it's become his party, but because it has become a cult, and he's a cult leader. He doesn't have supporters; he has followers. And in their eyes, he can do no wrong.

They're being spoon-fed a daily dose of B.S. from "conservative" media. They don't know what the truth is and -- more importantly -- they don't care. There's nothing that any Republican challenger can do to break them out of this spell.

-Joe Walsh (no not that one, this is the ex-Republican Congressman)

A Republican take on his fellow Republicans Faustian deal, especially evangelicals, with President Donald J Trump. Sour grapes? We review another classic Republican talking point below:

Exhibit Two: The Budget

 Trump’s budget is a tremendous fraud — and it lays tremendous waste to his promises.

Remember when he said he would eliminate the federal debt, or at least halve it, during his presidency? His new budget proposes to add another $3.4 trillion by 2024 to the debt on top of the $3 trillion Trump has already added, by piling on $1-trillion-a-year budget deficits during a peacetime expansion. Under Trump’s latest plans, the debt would keep mushrooming until at least 2035 — by his administration’s own rosy projections. 

Recall his repeated promises not to “touch” Social Security and Medicare? Even as the elderly population swells, his budget calls for removing half a trillion dollars of funding from the Medicare program over 10 years, including $135 billion from Medicare prescription drugs, and tens of billions from the Social Security program.

In 2015, he promised not to touch Medicaid, either. Now he wants to cut it by $920 billion.

-Dana Milbank Washington Post

President Trump’s abandonment of fiscal responsibility will prove disastrous — whether we think about it or not. His State of the Union address underscored his own thinking; it was long on pander and did not address our country’s bleak financial state.

Yet amazingly, conservatives who I have long respected somehow look the other way.

What if it were President Barack Obama allowing the national debt to grow by a trillion dollars a year, despite the booming economy? What if other Republican presidents had abandoned the idea of trying to get to a balanced budget over the next 10 years? We would hear howls of protest. But now? Crickets.

-Former Republican Governor Mark Sanford

But to paraphrase Star Trek; “What the Never Trumpers have said is unimportant and we do not hear their words.”

Exhibit Three: Be Careful what you Wish (vote) for:

I actually love the idea of a mandatory citizenship test for everyone. Birth rights are dumb. It’s not an achievement to be born and nobody should be rewarded for it.
I also find it hilarious that Republicans think this will play to THEIR advantage.

— Slava Malamud (@SlavaMalamud) February 4, 2020

And Brexit

Absolutely disgusting service at Schiphol airport. 55 minutes we have been stood in the immigration queue. This isn’t the Brexit I voted for.

-Colin Browning@ColinBrowning14

Ah, but it is, whether he understood it or not. Also note that most of Brexit hasn’t even happened yet, but they are ending the free movement of people to Britain. And then there is this:

… [J]ust when you thought it was over, you’re forced to choose between an unabashed white supremacist and a billionaire fugitive slave catcher who submitted a sealed bid for the presidency of the United States.

First, you try to get free.

When all else fails, you vote for Michael Bloomberg…

For many black people, the prospect of an unchecked, second-term white supremacist outweighs the choice between Medicare for All and a public option. It’s heavier than student loan forgiveness or foreign policy. It’s bigger than all of the economic proposals and tax plans combined. It’s not even that people don’t think the other Democratic candidates can defeat Donald Trump. We just don’t know if they can defeat the overwhelming self-interests of white people.

-From The

The minority vote will play a big part in the upcoming election.

At the Exit: Draining the Swamp

Donald Ayer, who served as U.S. Deputy Attorney General under George H. W. Bush, calls on Bill Barr to resign:

Indeed, given our national faith and trust in a rule of law no one can subvert, it is not too strong to say that Bill Barr is un-American. And now, from his perch as attorney general, he is in the midst of a root-and-branch attack on the core principles that have guided our justice system, and especially our Department of Justice, since the 1970s.

And as it was pointed out:

Seriously, this purge is of people Trump appointed in the first place. How deranged is this?

— Bradley P. Moss (@BradMossEsq) February 21, 2020



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