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All The World's A Stage


Exhibit One: History as Hypocrisy

It doesn’t take a long look back at history to see that if Obama had lost in 2012 and followed Trump’s actions to a tee, Republicans would not be saying that people who were appalled by said actions just had bad cases of Obama Derangement Syndrome. Although this is alternate history the Museum firmly believes that if a mob of BLM and Antifa protester had tried to break into the Capital they would have been fired upon with live ammunition. Or even baring that they would have been surround by armed forces and not allowed to walk out free to be picked up later. Nor would the Republican Party be doing the “nothing to see here, go on with your lives Citizens” routine.  Politics is a play for power and that is its only rule. (see Molly Ball below)
But what about the Fraud? The Museum has seen no legal evidence. It has been pointed out to the Museum from time to time that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. We have taken that to heart and await this evidence so extraordinary that it can disenfranchise around 84 million American voters.
There was fraud, but the lawyers weren’t able to present it because of the corrupt, easily bribed, judiciary.
Well, worry no longer. The Civil Cases brought by Dominion Voting Systems will go to trial (eventually) and civil cases do not have the burden of proof criminal ones do. Rudy and Mr MyPillow et al. will have ample opportunity to display all their evidence as they try to defend themselves in these cases. Last month it was seen how much Fox and Newsmax, even OAN, believe in these fraud claims.  Like you, the Museum awaits the revealing results.
Exhibit Two: Reading the Tea Leaves

As for Molly Ball’s article in Time, it is true it was written in a conspiratorial vein to sell magazines, not an easy task in today’s world. But if you actually read the article and the Museum recommends that you do, you’ll find the actions she details are not illegal or actually even unusual. This is American politics in a nutshell, making strange bedfellows, but using a favorite Pundit Phrase, both sides do it. It was hardly surprising that those opposed to Trump banded together (cue the Lincoln Project) and tried to take steps to prevent his reelection. (See Obama above, if you think the Republicans did not do the same thing to him and then more successfully to Clinton). If there was something illegal in it don’t you think Cruz and Hawley, lawyers both, would be all over it? This is not evidence of fraud, it is evidence of hardball politics (see McConnell). Nor is it “un-American”. Start back at the Election of 1800 between Adams and Jefferson and take it from there. 
But the Political Impeachments you say? All impeachments by their very nature are political. Indeed the second impeachment of Trump, constitutional or not and no court ruling has been made on that, was the most bipartisan impeachment in U.S. history. But does this start an impeachment trend where the sitting House of the opposition Party impeaches every President? The Museum hopes not but with the current fracture in American Politics who knows?
Exhibit Three: Trump channels his inner Mao

From an Article by Pankaj Mishra in the Feb 1, 2021 New Yorker Magazine
   Struggle Sessions: What are the Cultural Revolution’s lessons for our current moment?
     In 2010, Tony Judt warned, not long before his death, that the traditional way of doing politics in the West – through “mass movements, communities organized around an ideology, even religious or political ideas, trade unions and political parties” – had become dangerously extinct. There were, Judt wrote, “no external inputs, no new kinds of people, only political class breeding itself.” Trump emerged six years later, channeling an iconoclastic fury at this inbred ruling class and its cherished monuments.
   Trump failed to purge all the old elites, largely because he was forced to depend on them, and the Proud Boys never came close to matching the ferocity and reach of the Red Guards. Nevertheless, Trump’s most devoted followers, whether assaulting his opponent or bombarding the headquarters in Washington D.C., took their society to the brink of civil war while their chairman openly delighted in chaos under heaven. Order appears to have been temporarily restored (in part by Big Tech, one of Trump’s enablers). But the problem of political representation in a polarized, unequal, and now economically debilitated society remains treacherously unresolved. Four traumatic years of Trump are passing into history, but the United States seems to have completed only the first phase of its own cultural revolution.
The Museum: A little bombastic perhaps, remember the selling magazines part, but interesting. Mao’s cultural revolution was about purging a perceived “Deep State” of his own making.
   Growing alarmed by the sight of continuous revolution, Mao tried to restore order in the cities, exiling millions of young urban men and women to the countryside to “learn from the peasants.”
   Mao increasingly turned to the People’s Liberation Army to establish control. He replaced broken structures of government with “revolutionary committees.” These committees, dominated by Army commanders, were effectively a form of military dictatorship in many parts of China.
The Museum: Humm, sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for, even if you are Mao. Not much difference in China, from a one-party civil authoritarian rule to a one-party military authoritarian rule. But China has always absorbed its conquerors, external and internal, and the Chinese Bureaucracy, the First and Foremost “Deep State” in the Whole World, is back in control. However, this could be a sobering warning to us. Actions have consequences, good and bad.
At the Exit

March 4th will be another bad day for our “potty-mouthed” Q follower. We can only hope that his Mom does not bring him cookies this time.


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