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And the Beat Goes On (Update)


Exhibit One: Religious Exemption
From the Daily Kos:
Here is the latest episode of: You can’t make this up! The Satanic Temple, a religious organization, is taking legal action in the State of Texas to protect its members’ right to practice an abortion ritual through the use of abortion pills Misoprostol and Mifepriston. (Don’t those just sound like the names of two demons or familiars?) As the Satanic Temple’s website explains:
“Consistent with our tenets that call for bodily autonomy and acting in accordance with best scientific evidence, The Satanic Temple religiously objects to many of the restrictions that states have enacted that interfere with abortion access. TST is taking many steps on behalf of our members and those who share our beliefs to establish exemptions from laws that do not promote the health and safety of patients and violate our conscience and beliefs.”
Exhibit Two: Covid Concerns
David Anderson @ Balloon Juice
Crisis standards of care means that a hospital or a hospital region has run out of some combination of Space, Stuff, and Staff needed to deliver care at the highest expected level to the patients who are showing up for care. This is a very bad thing. Crisis standards of care means people who normally would be treated with a plausible likelihood of recovery won’t be treated with anything and everything that could be both helpful and concordant with their care goals. Crisis standards means triage committees will be looking at their available resources and making very hard decisions as to which patient, of many, who needs that scarce and valuable resource will receive that scarce and valuable resource. That also means they decide who does not receive a scarce, valuable and needed resource.
   From the AP:
Idaho public health leaders announced Tuesday that they activated “crisis standards of care” allowing health care rationing for the state’s northern hospitals because there are more coronavirus patients than the institutions can handle….
The designation includes 10 hospitals and healthcare systems in the Idaho panhandle and in north-central Idaho. The agency said its goal is to extend care to as many patients as possible and to save as many lives as possible.
The Museum:
And now the carryover cases from Idaho are clogging Washington State’s hospitals forcing them to ration services.  And look, there goes Montana too.
From NBC News’ Ben Collins and Brandy Zadrozny
…a scheme to cash in on people who want ivermectin but can’t get a prescription from a responsible medical practitioner. is a telemedicine website touted by anti-vaccination social media communities for serving as a pill mill for ivermectin. The website offers consultations for $90; asks prospective patients whether they are seeking ivermectin, the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine, or another medication; and promises same-day delivery of prescribed drugs through an online pharmacy.
This grift relies on three elements. First, demand for ivermectin is expanding due to its promotion by right-wing and contrarian media personalities and on social media platforms. Second, legitimate supply is limited because responsible doctors don’t want to give their patients a drug that the Food and Drug Administration and the drug’s manufacturer, among others, do not recommend as a treatment for COVID-19. And third, the drug is generally safe with proper dosing, limiting liability for the grifters. The marks are separated from their money but are otherwise fine — unless they actually have or get COVID-19 and thought that ivermectin was a substitute for the vaccines or more proven therapeutic.

The Museum:

The CDC estimates that an average of 36,000 people died of the flu each year over the past decade. The worst recent flu season was 2017-2018, when 61,000 people died from the flu. Around 22,000 people died of the flu during the shorter 2019-2020 season — the second lowest death total in the past 10 years, after the 12,000 flu deaths in the 2011-2012 season. Even accounting for the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has lasted a year instead of eight months, it has taken an average of 36,000 more lives per month when compared to the 2017-2018 flu season. The COVID-19 pandemic caused approximately 375,000 deaths in the United States during 2020. But its death rate is lower! Yes, but its infection/transmission rate is so much higher. Even if 2/3 of the reported Covid deaths are “fake news” there would be almost twice as many Covid deaths in 2020 than the heavy 2017-2018 flu season.

Exhibit Three: Yada Yada

The Phoenix Sun
Maricopa County Superior Court Judge John Hannah rebuffed a claim by Cyber Ninjas that it cannot be sued under the state’s public records law. Attorneys for the company argued that such demands can be made only of what are traditionally considered public officials and agencies. But Hannah, in a sometimes strongly worded decision, said that’s just not how the law works in Arizona.
Museum note: They finished their scam and skipped town making this ruling somewhat mute
Mary Papenfuss, Huff Post
A former Arizona Republican attorney general attacked the Cyber Ninjas company on Saturday for engineering a vote audit “grift” in the state. The partisan company, hired by the state’s Republican-run Senate, has confirmed that Joe Biden won the presidential election — exactly as state officials determined after a number of recounts shortly after the vote. But Donald Trump continues to rail against what he called the “fake news” reports of the findings.

Former AG Grant Woods said on CNN that he was surprised how “100% incompetent the operation” by the inexperienced company was. But he’s convinced doing a competent job was never really the point. “They’re in it for the money,” he said. “It is a grift. There’s a lot of grifters we have been exposed to. I was attorney general for years. I dealt with grifters every day. This is how they act.” Woods believes Cyber Ninjas will now try the same operation in other states. “You would think they’d say this didn’t work out, we’ll go home, feel bad about what happened — no, they’re not. They never give up,” Woods said. “They move to the next mark. The next marks are the [other] states.”

The Museum:
We repeat now a couple axioms:
Insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results. 
And Occam's Razor: The simplest solution is almost always the best.
   As the Yada Yada continues to show, the sane and simplest solution at this point is that there was no widespread voter fraud to uncover.
However, Texas, Wisconsin and who knows who else, seem all in on spending tax dollars to further prove those sayings. 
At the Exit: That Mainstream Media
In all the coverage of the Covid surge in the Northwest notice that the MSM has not reported (that the museum can find) that there have been no deaths (again from the available information) from either worms or malaria during this “surge”.  Bias by omission?


Uncle Willie loves to have feedback from both readers who appreciate his point of view as well as from misguided souls who disagree.