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Internet security is an important issue. Any company, of which we are an example, with plans to sell products and/or services by on-line transaction is required to take internet security very seriously. We do. And by we, I primarily mean I take internet security very seriously because, as it happens, Hanthercraft is primarily about me.

You notice, upon opening the Tandra Home Page, we have the prominently displayed Thawte Security icon. Hanthercraft has enjoyed a security relationship with the Thawte people for some nine months now, or since initiation of our Members Exclusive Area. Hanthercraft has, of course, been involved with on-line sales much longer than nine months. But previous to the implimentation of the Members Exclusive Area we, like many other on line businesses, delegated credit card transactions to a third party company who specialize in secure internet transactions and, as such, provide their own security. If you wanted to buy one of our books or other products, you clicked on the link and you went directly to the E-commerce people where you paid for the item and, once you had finished your transaction under secire incription conditions, you went about your life and the E-commerce company sent us notification you had made a purchase and we should send to you the item required. The E-commerce folks were right picky about us sending your product out immediately you had paid. That was, in fact, quite acceptable to us as we are in the business of keeping you happy by getting your items to you on time. The E-commerce folks are also in business to make certain you get what you pay for. All around, we have a win-win situation. Everyone involved wants you to get your products with the least hassle and the most efficiency possible.

The setting up of the Members Exclusive Area was a different procedure in that, Hanthercraft is not in the business of physically sending you the electronic files you wish to download. That is all taken care of electronically once you pay for access to the site. However setting up conditions where electronic download would work required a few unanticipated changes we had not considered.

The short version was we secured services of Thawte to make your credit card transactions secure and to let you know your transactions are not available to any drive-by hacker out to steal credit card information. This was required because part of the transaction now happens with us and we want you to be assured your financial information is protected.

As it happens, our web hosting company incripts all electronic information of routine, but we are required to pay an annual fee to have the little dialogue box pop up and inform you the transaction is indeed secure. As the fee is very reasonable, I don't have a problem paying it. It is worth the cost to have the dialogue box assure you your transaction is safe. In addition, I made the decision to post the Thawte Security Icon on the section head pages to advertise to the casual visitor this site is security protected. That is the reason you are seeing the Thawte Icon on various pages and will see it on more pages come first of 2007.

Holding Card Info

Many companies have made the decision to store credit card info from their customers in a protected data base. We know this happens because of the rare news item that some inspired hacker has over ridden the security on one of the storage facilities and stolen all the credit card info. It doesn't happen often, but when it does there is a mad scramble to notify card holders and advise them to take the proper precautions to protect their bank funds.

Our E-commerce company allows us the option to store such credit card information. I have made the decision to reject that particular feature. I can see possible advantages to having your credit card info on file, but I believe any possible advantage of the stored information is outweighed by the downside of the remote possibility stringent protections can be breached and dishonest persons can gain access to your protected information.

Hanthercraft has made the decision we do not store your credit card information at a secure database. When you purchase any item from us, the credit card information is used once for that transaction, then overwritten to assure it is no longer available for anyone. In the event we require your information for subsequent purchases, you can again provide the information in the same manner as for the previous purchase, and again for each purchase thereafter. There remains no reason to keep your information on file.

We do not send E-mail requests to you requesting your credit card information for any reason!

If you should ever get an E-mail from Hanthercraft requesting your credit card information for confirmation of whatever reason, trash the E-mail and do not respond to it. Any E-mail reported to be from Hanthercraft or Tandra is an attempt at fraud and is not from us.

If you have questions about any communication from Hanthercraft or Tandra, you can phone 1-800-634-4050 to speak with a live person about your concerns. If we are out of the office, please leave a message and one of the office staff will return your call.

A wise man is reported to have said, "If honesty did not exist. it would need to be invented as the best way to make money!"

We believe that statemant is true and conduct Hanthercraft and Tandra consistent with that conviction!