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Frequently Asked Questions


Here you can find a list of Frequently Asked Questions along with the answers. We hope to eventually have a list of most of the questions you might have about our site on this page. We will continue to update this page as new questions come in, so if you have questions about our site, please e-mail us by contacting and we will reply to your query as well as posting some of the more interesting questions along with answers to this page.

Q: Why are you only updating the site once per week, and not always that often? Most sites, at least the ones that are supposed to have things for sale, have more frequent updates.

A: This site is a one person operation. In addition to the Tandra site, I am finishing up the final pages of the Tandra Active Image CD-ROM Volume II, Ice And Iron, as well as working to keep the Exclusive Members' Area up to speed. At the time these projects were scheduled, I had a financial commitment that has since been withdrawn. As a consequence, I had to take on other work not related to Tandra to pay the bills. The scheduled projects will be produced, but because of outside commitments, they will be available later than anticipated. Stick with us. I assure you the results will be worth the wait.

Q: I get the impression from reading the "Commentary" page that your political opinions are pretty extreme. Why do you have to inject politics into a site that is supposed to be about comics?

A: My own political opinions are probably more extreme than you can suspect from the opinions posted to the "Commentary" page. The commentary from guest writers are strictly their own and I have an agreement with them that I will not censor their written pieces. This is not a disclaimer. In some cases, I do agree with them explicitly. In other cases, my support is more restrained. My own prejudices are restricted to the editorials credited to Hanther and to the positions taken in the Tandra picture story itself. I have, from the first pages of Tandra, taken real world positions on real world issues as I saw the need. We live in the world around us and Tandra is part of that world. I plan to continue to making observations in Tandra wherever the interests of story and characters are advanced by real world situations. After all, if I cannot express my personal opinions on my own site, where would I be likely to do so?

Q: You promised to finish the Tandra CD-ROM by Christmas 2006 in a message posted almost six months ago, but so far all you have done is make excuses and push back the release date. How long do we have to wait the long promised CD is ready?

A: Again this is a matter of doing what I can as fast as possible. Six months ago I believed I could finish up the Tandra CD-ROM within about three months. An unexpected computer problem and delays in acquiring replacement parts cut a couple weeks out of my work schedule. As I write this I am five weeks from having the required files complete and ready for adding to the Tandra CD-ROM. Trust me. I am as anxious to have this project finished as are the site visitors. I should be able to begin adding finished coloured pages to the Quest story and finish out the Ice And Iron CD-ROM immediately I make the latest update to the Members' area.

Q: I'm interested in purchasing some of your books, but you still don't have your store open. What gives?

A: The answer this time is I don't have to offer excuses for unavoidable delays. The store has been updated and is again ready to accept your hard earned cash. We had recent problems when our previous E-commerce credit card processing company demanded alterations to procedure we were not eager to go along with. After it became obvious the conflict of procedure was not going to be resolved, I found a company that is more flexible in its procedure. The upside is this new company also offers more and farther advanced e-commerce features. I am happy with them and I bekieve you will be also.

Q: When I try to find your site, I get an older version of the Tandra site. What has happened?

A: We've had several visitors complain about this problem. Originally this was only a problem in the southwest Tennessee American United States local area caused by the fact that when we had our site moved to a new web hosting service, our local ISP neglected to remove our site from his server and, because we accessed the internet through the local ISP, every time we made the connection to the site we connected to the older site while everyone else in the world was connecting to our new location. This caused no end of confusion until we realized what was happening and requested our local guy trash the old site from his server. We had believed this solved the problem, but recently internet surfers connected to the net from other locations have told us they also reached outdated Tandra pages by mistake. Our suggestion is to first make certain the older pages are not being pulled up from your own computer cache. (I've recently been to computer school where I learned a lot of new words. I'm going back in a few months and have them teach me what all those new words mean.) If your browser opens an outdated page, click the refresh button. Most important, connect to the site by typing in the URL in the location window at the top of your browser page and tap the enter or return key. This procedure has worked for most people. From our end, we are doing the research to attempt to discover why some of you are connecting to outdated pages in the first place.