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The Tandra Active CD-ROM and the Tandra Double Exposure TPB for only $15 including shipping.

Many of the people who happen upon our site have never before heard of our world. In consequence, we have created this special package that includes the Tandra Active Image CD-ROM and the Tandra Double Exposure Trade Paperback to give new visitors an overview of the universe we call Tandra.

This introductory package combines over 600 pages of Hanthers unique style picture story, a story of the primitive and the technological, of idealism and betrayal, of sex and violence. Tandra is a world, an artificial construct, a civilization of three levels. The surface world is a people fallen back into barbarism in which primitive city states war with each other over shrinking resources. The artificial Ring that surrounds the world of Tandra is an advanced technological artifact wherein opposing factions contend to manipulate the people of the surface world. The planet itself is an ancient star ship constructed in the far distant past and where vast computer banks silently await the command to come alive.

This is the world, the universe Hanther has created over the last quarter century and is the world revealed in this unique package. The stories included on the Tandra Magic Picture CD-ROM and the Tandra Double Exposure TPB tell of Earthian David Galons adventures on an alien world and of his encounters with Delta, the exotic lady synthetic; of his futile love for the queen of an empire; of his war with the fanatical religious cult of Lord Iao; and his titanic struggle against the Lords of the Wizard Ring. For more about the Tandra Active Image CD-ROM, go to the Tandra CD-ROM page by clicking here. For more about the Tandra Double Exposure TPB, click here.

Heres the deal; simply click on the Tandra Order Form button at upper right to order by credit card or, if you prefer not to order by credit card, you can send us an E-mail to and tell us to ship you the Tandra Special Introduction Package. Include your snail mail address and we will ship your books to you along with an invoice in the amount of $15 total plus $1.00 shipping and handling. You can also request the Special Introductory Package by phone if you prefer by dialing toll free 1-800-634-4050 and requesting your Package over Ma Bells phone lines. Our guarantee; if, for any reason, you are not delighted with your Introductory Package, just replace the Tandra CD-ROM and TPB into the package in which they arrived and return them at our expense and you will owe us nothing. What could be more fair? Its a win-win situation for you and a chance to explore a new world and an exciting new media for experiencing the Tandra Picture Story, so order your Special Introductory Package today!

(Caution: nudity and sexual situations may offend some readers.)

You can also order by mail if you wish by including a check or money order for $15.00 plus $1.00 postage and handling. Make the check or money order to Hanthercraft Publications and send your request to;